10 of 11 people trapped in Valla Canyon were rescued

Within the scope of the festival that started on Thursday, August 11 in the districtValla Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world11 of the 17-person team who entered the canyon for the canyon crossing yesterday could not get out of the canyon.

In order to rescue the people trapped in the canyon, work was started under the coordination of the Governor’s Office.

Pınarbaşı Mayor Şenol Yaşar told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the festival continues.

Pointing out that 6 of the 17 people who entered the canyon are professionals in canyon crossing, Yaşar said:

“Yesterday, a team of 17 people entered the Valla Canyon, which we described as a wild paradise. After the flood disaster in Bozkurt last year, it was determined that the structure of the Valla Canyon was damaged and the location of the huge rocks in it was changed. They continue to walk in order to determine the structure of the canyon, but we have heard that 11 of our friends who are doing this job amateurishly, are stuck in the canyon.”

Stating that it was understood as a result of the meetings with the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue and AFAD that these people could not proceed from where they were, Yaşar said, “After this, I called our Governor. Our Governor started the work on the rescue.” used the phrase.

Rescue helicopter belonging to the gendarmerie reached the region

Governor Avni Çakır said that the rescue helicopter belonging to the gendarmerie reached the region and started rescue efforts for the people trapped in the canyon.

Çakır stated that the rescue efforts will be completed in a short time and the health conditions of the trapped people are good. I hope he will.” said.

Expressing that 10 people were taken by helicopter, Çakır stated that one remaining person will be taken in the morning.

It was learned that one person could not be taken due to the capacity of the helicopter, and two gendarmerie personnel and the necessary materials for them to spend the night were left with the remaining person.

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