100% traceability in Metro branded organic products

Metro Turkey implemented the traceability studies, which it started for the first time in 2014, with the aim of raising awareness about food literacy among consumers, ‘What’s on your plate?’ expanding the movement. After red meat, fish, honey and fruit-vegetable products, Metro offers QR code traceability in all organic food products. With this application, Metro Chef presents the journey of nearly 50 organic products such as tomato paste, egg, legumes, olive oil and Rioba branded smoothies and cold teas from the field and farm to the shelf with a total of 39 different information.

Thanks to this information, which is accessed by reading the QR code on the label of the product, consumers can learn the whole story of the product, from the organic product certificate of the final product and all the raw materials that make up that product, to which farmer, field, poultry or producers the products were produced by, from the analysis results of the products to the food safety documents of the manufacturers and the inspection results. can see.

The whole story of the product is in digital environment

Stating that they provide 100% traceability to their customers in organic products, Metro Turkey CEO Sinem Türung said, “As Metro Turkey, we both realize pioneering projects and diversify our product range within the framework of our understanding of healthy nutrition for everyone. In this context, we keep more than 200 organic certified products on our shelves, and 25 percent of them are our own branded products. In order to encourage responsible production and consumption and to meet the expectations of our customers, another priority is to increase our product range and to offer reliable food to our customers. Within the scope of our traceability studies that we have been working on for many years, we have started to present the digital story of the entire process of all our own branded organic products until they reach the shelf, which is a first in Turkey.” he said.

Field, farm and packaging facility inspections organized by Metro Turkey in order to ensure food safety and fair working conditions in all organic food products under its own brands can be followed, and this information can be easily accessed if the product is a cooperative product or geographically indicated. In 49 Metro brand organic food products supplied from 13 different suppliers, in addition to the farmer or raw material producer, the place of harvest, allergen information by food product, milk fat amount, product analysis, organic product certificates of the final product and all the raw materials that make up that product, Geographical Indication information 39 different information such as, are shared with customers with the QR code scanned on the product.

Trainings are organized for producers

In order to implement the traceability system by the suppliers, Metro Turkey also met with 13 different suppliers and provided 20 hours of training on the QR code system. Developing traceability studies thanks to these trainings and studies, Metro Turkey not only informs its producers on this issue, but also supports local production by directly influencing the producers affiliated with the cooperatives and suppliers it cooperates with.

More than 200 organic products on the shelves

Aiming to increase its organic product diversity by 25 percent every year compared to the previous year, with the vision of offering reliable, healthy and nutritious products to its customers, Metro Turkey increased the number of its own branded organic products by more than 200 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. With more than 200 organic products on its shelves, Metro Turkey also offers 49 different organic food products under its own brands. At the same time, it continues to meet all the needs of its customers in their healthy nutrition journeys by increasing the product variety that is plant-based, reduced sugar, oil, salt, additive-free.

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