305 thousand tons of shipments were made with 10 ships in a week from the grain corridor.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, the “Safe Shipment of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports Initiative Document” was signed between Turkey, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United Nations (UN) on July 22 in Istanbul under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Within the framework of the document, the Joint Coordination Center (MKM), which will carry out and monitor the plan developed for the export of Ukraine’s grain and other food products to the world markets, was inaugurated on 27 July by the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar. Akar also conducted intense conversations with his interlocutors regarding the agreement signed between the three countries and the UN.

Within the scope of the agreement, ships moving with grain cargo in Ukraine anchor in the area allocated to them at the entrance of the Bosphorus and are subject to inspection by the Joint Coordination Center. After the inspection, the ships set out for their destination ports.

The first ship departed from Ukraine on August 1

Within the scope of the shipment made so far, 4 ships carrying a total of 170 thousand 458 tons of corn are planned to reach Turkish ports, while the first of these ships, “Polarnet”, which set off on August 5, reached Kocaeli Derince today. There are 12 thousand tons of corn on the ship.

The destinations of the other 6 ships within the scope of one-week shipment were determined as Italy, China, Ireland, England and Lebanon.

The Sierra Leone-flagged dry cargo ship “Razoni”, carrying 27 thousand tons of corn to go to Lebanon, became the first ship to leave Ukraine’s Odessa Port on August 1, according to the grain corridor agreement.

The Panama-flagged “Navi-Star” ship carrying 33 thousand tons of corn from Ukraine to Ireland will depart from Odessa Port, and the Maltese flag ship “Rojen” carrying 13 thousand tons of corn to go to England will depart from Çornomorsk Port on 5 August. He set out in .

The first empty ship arrived at the port in Ukraine on August 7

On the other hand, the barbados-flagged “Fulmar S”, which left the Bandırma Port on 5 August, arrived at the Çornomorsk Port in the Odessa region of Ukraine on 7 August. “Fulmar S” became the first ship to arrive in Ukrainian ports to receive cargo.

The empty Liberian-flagged ship “Osprey S” also left for Çornomorsk Port to buy grain after the inspections in Istanbul yesterday.

Within the scope of grain shipment, on 7 August, the ship “Mustafa Necati” carrying 6 thousand tons of sunflower oil is to go to Italy, the ship “Star Helena” carrying 45 thousand tons of sunflower meal is to go to China, the ship “Glory” carrying 66 thousand tons of corn. The ship named “, on the other hand, departed from Çornomorsk Port to go to Istanbul.

On the same day, the ship “Riva Wind”, carrying 44 thousand tons of corn and going to Iskenderun, set off from Odesa Port.

The ship “Sacura” carrying 11 thousand tons of soy to Italy left the port of Yuzni, and the ship named “Arizona” carrying 48 thousand 458 tons of corn to Iskenderun left the Port of Çornomorsk today.

Within the scope of the agreement on the grain shipment carried out under the coordination of Turkey regarding the solution of the global food crisis, 305,458 tons of grain have been safely shipped from Ukrainian ports with 10 commercial vessels.

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