45 people were killed in a gun attack on the street in Sweden this year

Scandinavian country Sweden, which is shown as one of the “most calm” countries in the world, has been facing a heavy picture in the fight against criminal organizations for the last 5 years.

According to the report published by the police, 251 armed attacks were carried out in Sweden in 8 months of this year, and 45 people were killed and 67 injured in these incidents.

In 2019, 360 people were attacked by gunfire, 45 people were killed and 126 people were injured. In 2020, 379 people were attacked with guns, 126 people were injured and 47 people lost their lives.

The picture did not change in 2021, 344 people were attacked with guns, 45 people were killed and 115 people were injured.

On 2 June, right-wing parties in the Parliament submitted a motion of no confidence against the Minister of Justice and Interior, Morgan Johansson, due to the “inability to prevent the increasing armed conflicts of criminal organizations and gangs in recent years” in Sweden.

Reacting to the proposal, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced at a press conference in the Parliament that she would resign “if the no-confidence vote is accepted”.

The far-right Sweden Democrats Party’s no-confidence motion against Johansson was rejected, failing to reach a “quorum” of 175.

“The state cannot protect you in Sweden”

Gothenburg Police Chief Ulf Boström also told SVT in tears that “don’t trust the state”.

“The police certainly can’t protect you if petty criminal organizations are after you. You either have to do what they say or you die,” Boström said. said.

As the parties in Sweden prepare for the general and local elections on September 9, the first agenda of the parties is the fight against drug gangs.

While the opposition parties criticize the Social Democratic Party, which has been in power for 8 years; Social Democratic Party Leader and Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson promised that if they win the elections, they will tighten the penal laws and hire more police.

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