5-year action plan from the European Union to ‘prevent racism’: New coordinatorship is established

The European Commission has announced the precautionary plan they will take to prevent racism and discrimination.

The 5-year action plan prepared by the executive arm of the European Union (EU) includes items such as strengthening the existing legal framework, establishing a coordinatorship to combat racism and increasing the diversity of EU personnel.

Speaking on the subject, Vera Jourova, Vice President of Transparency and European Values ​​of the European Commission, said that due to the recent anti-racist demonstrations in the United States (USA) and Europe, lawmakers should do something about the issue.

Expressing that they are now at the point of accountability, Jourova said, “The protests around the world are sending us a clear message. We must make the change now. It will not be easy, but change is necessary. We will not hesitate to strengthen the legislation if necessary. The EU Commission will adapt its recruitment policy to better reflect the European society. ” he said.

New coordinator for the fight against racism

EU Equality Commissioner Hela Dalli stated that no one was born racist and said, “There are no codes about racism in people’s nature. This is something learned later. It’s about how you were raised. It’s time to forget what we’ve learned so far.” made its assessment.

Under the plan, a voluntary survey will be conducted to define new recruitment policies and data on the diversity of commission personnel will be rearranged within this framework.

The new coordinator to be elected for the fight against racism will listen to the complaints of minorities on the continent and check whether the rights of citizens of different cultures and races are adequately reflected in the EU regulation.

Half of Europeans admit discrimination in their country

According to a survey of EU countries, more than half of Europeans say they believe discrimination is widespread in their country.

According to another survey conducted by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), 45 percent of people of North African descent, 41 percent of Roma and 39 percent of people of Sub-Saharan African descent have experienced racist or discriminatory acts within the EU borders. it states.

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