54 Syrians who set off from Istanbul were sent off to their countries from Hatay and Kilis.

A farewell ceremony was held in front of the old city hall yesterday for 54 Syrians, including children, who applied for voluntary return within the scope of the organization of the Esenyurt Municipality.

Mayor Kemal Deniz Bozkurt said at the ceremony that they are ready to facilitate those who want to return to their country voluntarily.

Noting that they have allocated buses to those who want to return to their countries, Bozkurt said, “Until now, we have sent more than 3,000 Syrians back to their homes with the organization of the Esenyurt Municipality. Now this organization has resonated in many parts of Istanbul and there is demand from other districts as well. We are adding them to Turkey for 5 years. They are going out of the border by guaranteeing that I will not return to . used the phrase.

After the speeches, 54 Syrians, whose procedures were completed, were sent off from Istanbul by 3 buses to be sent to Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib and Afrin, where they lived before.

43 Syrians sent from Hatay

43 of the Syrians on the 3 buses leaving Istanbul were brought to the Cilvegözü and Yayladağı border gates in Hatay in the morning.

After the procedures, 28 of the Syrians were sent off to their countries through the Cilvegözü and 15 Yayladağı border gates.

Halit Ata, who was passing through the Cilvegözü Border Gate to Idlib with his family, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he came to Turkey 7 years ago and lived in Istanbul during this time.

Stating that they returned to their country with his family, Ata said, “We want to settle in our country and continue our life there. We came to Turkey as guests. The Turkish people hosted us nicely. The Turkish people have a great place in my head. We have a very good relationship with our neighbors. I thank President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan very much. “May Allah increase his good deeds. He always stood by the Syrians.” used his statements.

11 Syrians from Kilis went to their country

After 43 people were sent off in Hatay, 11 Syrians, including 3 children, were taken to Öncüpınar Border Gate in Kilis.

The Syrians returned to their countries after their procedures.

Sezgin Relsido, one of the Syrians who went to his country, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he lived in Istanbul and went to Syria as part of his voluntary return.

Relsido stated that he will go to Afrin with his family and that there is no problem there and that he will work in agriculture in his country.

İbrahim Haci also stated that he returned to his homeland because a safe zone was created in Syria.

Stating that there are job opportunities in the region since the industry was established in Çobanbey, Haci said, “We thank the Turkish soldiers. God bless you. I was doing the textile business in Istanbul. I will do the same job in Çobanbey.” used his statements.

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