A single party cannot rule the country.

Group, capital of Sudan KhartoumIt met at the Friendship Congress Hall in , and made some decisions.

Mini Arko Minawi, one of the leaders of the National Reconciliation Forces and the President of the Darfur Region, stated at the press conference held after the meeting that many solution initiatives were presented on the ground after the military announced its withdrawal from the dialogue on July 4.

Committees will be established to prepare drafts on three issues.

Minawi said that they have been meeting with several political groups, non-governmental organizations, sufi sects and resistance committees for two weeks. will.” he said.

Noting that they also met with the leaders of the “Call of the Sudanese People for National Reconciliation” initiative, Minawi said:

“One side, one view or one political entity cannot rule the country. We need to work to ensure that Sudan’s failed administration since its independence and after the military intervention on April 11, 2019 is not repeated and we learn lessons from it,” he said.

“The military component said it was withdrawing from the dialogue, but did not say it was withdrawing from the political scene. There is uncertainty about this, so we need to act quickly and form a government to fill the political vacuum in the country immediately,” Minawi said. used the phrases.

The army insists on not leaving power without elections

The army seized the civilian government on October 25, 2021 on the grounds of security and survival threats, declared a state of emergency and detained dozens of politicians, including the prime minister.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and Commander of the Army, said on July 4 that the military was involved in political negotiations under the auspices of the “tripartite mechanism” composed of the United Nations, African Union and the Intergovernmental Development Authority (IGAD) so that civilian forces could agree on a civilian government. announced his withdrawal.

Burhan stated that after the establishment of a civil transitional government, the Sovereignty Council would be dissolved and the Supreme Defense Council would be established, which would be responsible for security and defense.

The lines are getting clear

The new alliance called “Forces of Radical Change”, which includes the former ruling coalition Freedom and Change Forces-Central Council and the Resistance Committees, as well as the Communist Party, the Union of Professional Chambers, and some political and professional organizations, has formed a new alliance with the results of the October 25 intervention, which they described as a “coup,” and the aftermath of the 25 October intervention. They are described as anti-coup groups fighting for the annulment of the decisions.

While Freedom and Change Forces-National Reconciliation forces, which are mostly made up of armed groups, are considered close to the military, civilian forces such as the “Comprehensive Islamic Movement” and “National Movement Forces”, formed by the merger of 10 Islamic groups, see no harm in having the military in power.

Military leaders commit to handing over power to the elected government in 2023.

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