Africa CDC: Continental monkeypox cases not related to same-sex relationships

The African Center for Disease Prevention and Control announced that the monkeypox disease seen on the continent is not linked to gay men and that any hints in this direction may reduce the reporting of cases and complicate the fight.

Although authorities announced that the virus can be transmitted to anyone through close physical contact, a significant portion of the monkeypox cases reported in Europe and North America were seen in gay or bisexual men.

But the center’s director, Ahmed Ogwell, told reporters that this is not the case for the African continent.

After the director said that it is unknown how many of the reported cases were seen in men who had been with a man recently, when asked how such a conclusion was reached if there were no statistics, he said, “This is not our topic, frankly, we don’t want to talk about it either because we don’t want to be distracted while we have serious epidemics to deal with.” used.

On the continent of 54 countries, same-sex relationships are still punished, albeit to varying degrees, in many countries.

Monkeypox, which has been seen in Africa for decades, was mostly transmitted from infected wild animals to humans, while it was not very common outside the continent.

Ogwell stated that records on monkey pox have been kept since 1970 and there is no data that it is seen in men who have intercourse with men. Ogwell emphasized that the epidemic is more common in communities that have traditionally been in closed environments and in close contact with animals.

Ogwell also emphasized that definitions that would stigmatize people should be avoided.

Monkeypox spreading in Africa has been reported to be more lethal than that seen in western countries. Since the beginning of the year, more than 2,800 cases have been seen in 11 countries on the continent, while 103 people have died. Outside of Africa, the death toll is below ten.

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