Airbnb says it will use ‘anti-party tech’ to block unauthorized house parties

Accommodation platform Airbnb said it will use “anti-party technology” for guests who damage their reservation by throwing a party without permission.

It has been reported that the new technology, which will first be implemented in the United States and Canada, has been trialled in Australia since October.

“Our primary goal is to try to prevent bad actors from holding unauthorized parties that have a negative impact on our hosts, neighbors and communities we serve,” Airbnb said in a statement.

As part of anti-party technology, the company said it will look at “positive reviews, length of time the guest has been on Airbnb, length of trip, distance from where the search list is registered, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend” to determine if the reservation is for party hosting.

Until the Covid-19 pandemic, Airbnb allowed house parties as long as the hosts had permission, but unauthorized parties were always prohibited.

In 2019, open-invited house parties were banned, removing homeowners who rent their homes for the party regularly. All parties and events have been temporarily banned following a significant increase in 2020 house parties. In June 2020, this ban became permanent.

In Australia, where anti-party technology has been trialled, such unauthorized parties have reportedly decreased by 35 percent.

“This technology is part of our commitment to our hosts, who respect their neighbors and don’t want their homes to be damaged and other problems due to unauthorized or disruptive parties,” Airbnb said. used the phrases.

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