An indictment has been prepared regarding the explosion at the paint factory in Tuzla, where 3 workers died.

In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was reminded that on April 29, the factories and vehicles in the vicinity were damaged and 3 workers died due to the explosion in a workplace where chemical production was carried out in Orta Mahalle Atayolu Caddesi Vernikciler Industrial Estate.

The defense of the suspects was included in the indictment, which included workers Mustafa Öztürk, Tayfun Aydın and Turgay Tüney as “victims” who lost their lives in the explosion, and 6 people injured in the incident as “victims”.

Accordingly, in the defense of suspect Mustafa Umut Bıçak, the owner of the workplace where the explosion took place, they said that they had moved to the place where the incident occurred a short time ago, that they had made the necessary applications and waited for the completion of the license procedures, that there was no production at the workplace during the explosion, only methyl ethyl, ketone, which was finished and ready for shipment, as stock. and peroxide products.

Prison suspect Onur Dağdelen stated that he has been working at the workplace where the explosion took place for 7 years and has been working in the R&D department for 1.5 years. .

Suspect Songül Öztürk, the representative of the consultancy company serving the company on occupational safety, said that the suspect İlkin Günçavdı was assigned as an occupational safety specialist in the company where the explosion took place, and that this person arranged the necessary documents.

Arrested suspect Günçavdı, on the other hand, stated that he went to the company for 2 hours every month to conduct field inspections and observations and made recommendations to the employer, stating that he did not have the authority to stop work on the company, that he had gone to the workplace last April 5 before the incident, that any fault or negligence related to the explosion was in question. argued that it was not.

The owner of the workplace was found to be at fault

In the indictment, according to the expert report, it was noted that Mustafa Ufuk Bıçak was “primary”, suspects Onur Dağdelen and İlkin Günçavdı “secondary” in the explosion, and the suspect Songül Öztürk did not have any negligence.

However, in the indictment, it was emphasized that the company owned by Öztürk provided occupational health and safety services and the suspect Günçavdı was assigned as an occupational health and safety specialist in the company where the explosion took place. According to the autopsy reports, the victims died as a result of the explosion.

In the indictment, it is requested that 4 suspects be sentenced to 2 to 15 years in prison for “causing the death or injury of more than one person by negligence”.
A decision of non-prosecution was given for the crime of “damaging property”.

The indictment, which was approved by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, was sent to the Anatolian Heavy Penal Court.

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