Automotive exports continued to increase in July.

According to the data of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB), the exports of the Turkish automotive industry in July 2022 increased by 3.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 2 billion 51 million dollars. The share of the industry, which ranks second in Turkey’s exports, was 11.1 percent. In the first seven months of the year, automotive industry exports increased by 5.8 percent to 17.3 billion dollars, while the average monthly export was 2.5 billion. Export sales of the sector increased by 17.9 percent in June of this year.

Evaluating the export figures of July, OIB Chairman of the Board Baran Çelik said, “Despite the contractions, changes in demand and the long holiday in markets such as the EU and the USA, our biggest markets, with the effect of high inflation, the increase in our performance last month continued. Last month, we recorded a double-digit increase in the product group supply industry, to which we export the most. The United Kingdom surpassed Germany with an increase of 38 percent and became the country with the most exports. We had double-digit increases to Italy, the United States and Romania.” said.

10% increase in the supply industry

According to OIB data, exports of the supply industry, which constitute the largest product group, increased by 10 percent to 910 million dollars in July, while exports of passenger cars decreased by 8 percent to 534 million dollars, exports of motor vehicles for the transportation of goods increased by 1 percent to 395 million dollars, bus-minibus-midibus exports. decreased by 7 percent to 102 million dollars.

While exports to Germany, the country to which the most exports in the supply industry, increased by 6 percent, 20 percent to the USA, 3 percent to Russia, 12 percent to the United Kingdom, 21 percent to Poland, 50 percent to Spain, Italy. or 8 percent decrease.

In passenger cars, an increase of 77 percent in the United Kingdom, 15 percent in Germany, 29 percent in France, 30 percent in Italy, 47 percent in Belgium, 36 percent in the Netherlands, 9 percent in Poland and Slovenia, which is one of the important markets. There was a decrease of 13 percent to Spain, 54 percent to Spain and 40 percent to Israel.

In motor vehicles for the transport of goods 17 percent increase to the United Kingdom, 33 percent to Italy, 139 percent to the United States, 40 percent to Chile, 94 percent to Spain, 52 percent to Slovenia, 17 percent to France, Belgium. or a 38 percent decrease.

In the bus minibus midibus product group, there was a 55 percent decrease in France, 155 percent in Italy, 302 percent in Israel and 323 percent in the United Kingdom. Among other product groups, the export of Tow Trucks reached 82 million dollars with an increase of 92 percent.

The UK is the biggest market

The biggest market in July was the UK this time instead of Germany. 321 million dollars were exported to the United Kingdom with an increase of 38 percent. Exports to Germany amounted to 294 million dollars with an increase of 8 percent. While exports to Italy amounted to 152 million dollars with an increase of 16 percent, exports increased by 36 percent to the United States, 4 percent to Poland, 17 percent to Romania, 13 percent to the Netherlands, 34 percent to Greece, and 3 percent to France. Exports decreased by 7 percent to Spain, 6 percent to Belgium, 34 percent to Sovenia and 8 percent to the Russian Federation.

Exports to the EU reached 1.2 billion dollars

Exports to the European Union countries, which are the largest country group with a 59 percent share in exports, did not change in July and amounted to 1 billion 208 million dollars. Last month, exports increased by 34 percent to other European Countries and 30 percent to North American Free Trade Countries.

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