Berlin Police launch preliminary investigation into Palestinian President Abbas

Bild newspaper announced that, upon a criminal complaint, the Berlin police launched a preliminary investigation against Mahmud Abbas on charges of inciting the public under Article 130 of the Penal Code.

The German Foreign Ministry, on the other hand, stated that since Abbas was in the country as part of an official visit of the German government, it was assumed that he had immunity.

Underestimating the crimes committed during the period of National Socialism in Germany is considered a crime. However, the fact that the police initiate a preliminary investigation does not automatically mean that an investigation will be opened.

German criminal law expert Machael Kubiciel stated that whether Abbas was in Berlin at the invitation of Germany was not decisive in this matter, that many people came to the country at the invitation of state institutions and did not have immunity.

Kubiciel stated that “it is important whether this person is a representative of another country” and noted that it is important here whether Palestine is a state or not.

Meanwhile, Germany does not recognize Palestine as a state.

What did Abbas say?

Palestinian President Abbas spoke at the joint press conference held after meeting with Olaf Scholz during his visit to the German capital Berlin on 16 August.

The Palestinian leader, on behalf of the Palestinians, apologized to Israel and Germany for the attack at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and was asked if he would help to shed light on the incident, reminding that Israel had killed Palestinians from 1947 to the present.

Abbas, “Since 1947, Israel has committed 50 massacres and 50 Holocausts in 50 Palestinian villages. Palestinians are killed by the Israeli army every day. That’s enough; let’s ensure peace, security and stability.” had used the phrase.

In a statement made by the Palestinian Presidency yesterday, it was stated that Abbas’s intention with his words in Germany was “to point out the crimes and massacres committed by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian people since the Great Catastrophe and to emphasize that these crimes have not come to an end until today”.

In the statement, it was noted that Abbas emphasized that “the Holocaust is the most brutal crime committed in modern human history” and that his statements “does not deny that the Holocaust has a special place”.

German Chancellor Scholz also condemned Abbas’ words expressed in Berlin, emphasizing that it was intolerable and unacceptable, especially for Germans, to associate the Holocaust with other things and reduce its importance.

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