Borrell: Risk of serious conflict between Greece and Turkey

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Relations Josep Borrell pointed out the crises that broke out in Belarus and the Eastern Mediterranean, and underlined the importance of the member states to take a strong common stance in unity and solidarity, as the neighboring countries are ‘on fire’.

Answering the questions of the Financial Times newspaper, Borrell said, “In the last 10 months, our region, from Libya to Belarus, has been engulfed in flames. Everything has been much worse than I expected.”

Josep Borrell, on the other hand, said that the Balkans is a ‘powder keg’ and that the EU should intervene on behalf of its regional security.

Drilling crisis between EU and Turkey

The increasing tension in the region due to the drilling activities carried out by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean will be on the agenda of the European Union leaders’ summit on September 24.

“The tension between Greece, Turkey and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean is increasing exponentially, there is a risk of conflict,” Borrell said. said.

As the tensions increased, Greece deployed naval and air force units to the region, while France began military patrols.

President of France Emmanuel Macron gave the message that they stand with Greece and Cyprus.

Macron also stated that the EU aims to normalize relations with Turkey in order to stabilize the region.

Ankara accused Macron of being “without legal basis, prejudiced and unrealistic”.

Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis announced on Saturday that they would buy 18 Rafale type fighter jets from France in his speech at the ‘Helexpo Forum’ in Thessaloniki. Mitsotakis, “Within the framework of the 5-year program, we will strengthen our armed forces with 15,000 new soldiers and activate the defense industry.” said.

The European Union declared that it did not recognize the elections held in Belarus on 9 August.

EU Foreign Ministers will discuss the sanctions to be imposed on Belarus on September 21.


Another issue that worries the European Union is the Balkan countries. Brussels welcomes the gradual entry of Western Balkan countries into the union, but disagreements between Serbia and Kosovo are complicating the situation.

“If we can’t stabilize the Balkans, it will be difficult to be recognized as a geopolitical power. Because no one else will. Only Europeans,” Borrell said. said.

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