British teenager, who went to Afghanistan for vacation, was evacuated by military plane

The British student, who went to Afghanistan for vacation last week, was evacuated by the British army.

22-year-old Miles Routledge attracted attention with his posts on 4chan, Facebook and Twitch about his trip.

Routledge announced on Thursday that she was evacuated to Dubai “thanks to successful people in the British army”.

Physics student Routledge announced the news with a video he shared inside the aircraft, which turned out to be a military aircraft.

“The Taliban let us go to the airport. We met many of them. It’s a long transition period but everyone was laughing and waving to each other. Some took selfies with them,” Routledge wrote on Facebook.

Why had Routledge gone to Afghanistan?

After doing a research on ’10 most dangerous places in the world’, the 22-year-old had planned to go to Afghanistan.

In a video post he made on Twitch, he said, “I thought what would be the most fun country. I said where would be a different exciting place that is not boring.” Routledge emphasized that she did not want to go to London or Spain.

“I googled the 10 most dangerous countries and made a list of them. Afghanistan was at the top,” said Routledge, adding that he saw it as a “goable country” because the US and British soldiers were still there.

This isn’t Routledge’s first unusual vacation destination. The British student also traveled to the area where the Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place two years ago. Raoutledge states that after his visit to the Chernobyl region, such travels began to appeal to him more.

“I would have hated it if I had chosen to sunbathe on the beach,” the teenager told Input Mag.

Routledge, who spent 1280 euros for plane tickets and visa, stated that he could not foresee that the situation in Afghanistan could change so quickly.

Routledge says he wants to go to North Korea as his next travel stop.

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