Call for EP President Metsola to react to the wiretapping scandal in Greece

Socialists and Democrats (S&D), Group President Iratxe Garcia Perez wrote to EP President Metsola, that Nikos Andrulakis, leader of the opposition party PASOK in Greece and also EP MP, was followed by Greek intelligence with spyware called “Predator”. urged him to react.

Garcia Perez stressed that a national intelligence service’s illegal wiretapping of an opposition leader and an MEP is a violation of the rule of law, EU treaties and the principle of democracy.

In his letter, Garcia Perez said, “The EU Commission has requested a comprehensive investigation, but I regret that the President of the European Parliament is still silent. Therefore, I request you to urgently request Greece to launch an investigation and explain the decisions behind this follow-up immediately.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that Andrulakis has immunity as an EP member, Garcia Perez said, “As the president of the parliament, my call to you is to ask the Greek authorities to clarify why the EU acquis on parliamentary immunity in the Andrulakis case was not complied with.” made his statement.

eavesdropping scandal in Greece

It has been revealed that the Greek National Intelligence Service (EYP) tapped the phones of PASOK leader and European Parliament Member Nikos Andrulakis and Greek journalist Thanasis Koukakis with “Predator”.

Thereupon, EYP President Panagiotis Kontoleon resigned on the grounds of “carelessness in the information gathering process”, while Mitsotakis’ “right hand” and nephew, Prime Ministry Secretary General Grigoris Dimitriadis, resigned over allegations that he had commercial links with the spyware company in question.

Mitsotakis, on the subject, “It was wrong. I had no knowledge, I would never have allowed it.” had made the statement. Mitsotakis stated that there are many enemies who want the EYP to be weak, adding, “If some dark forces outside of Greece are working on any instability plan in the country, they should know that Greece is strong.” he had spoken.

The EU Commission had requested information from Greece about the ongoing investigations into the wiretapping incidents with the “Predator”.

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