Cecilia Bartoli’s meditation on time

A meditation on time. Journey from a luxurious life to disappointments

Handel’s first oratorio “Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno” resonated at the Whitsun Festival in Salzburg

This year the festival is dedicated to the city of Rome, hometown of artistic director and famous soprano Cecilia Bartoli:

“I wanted to give a eulogy to the eternal city of Rome, my birthplace. Of course, I wanted to commemorate the great composer Handel, who came to Rome at the age of 19 and wrote his first oratorio there. Handel’s visit to Rome, this baroque city with many different styles. You can almost picture how he felt when he first came in. You can see all that energy in his music.”

Composed in 1707, this powerful piece takes you on a powerful journey towards the human mind. Bartoli also drew attention to the powerful messages contained in the work:

“Overall the oratorio is like a philosophy lesson oscillating between beauty, pleasure, disappointments and time. At the end you ask the question of what is the most important thing in life”

The figurative characters Time and Disappointment try to persuade Beauty to abandon Pleasure for more lasting values.

Cecilia Bartoli portrays evil Pleasure:

“There is a phrase I say: ‘Il tempo semper all’uomo e ingrato oggetto.’ So time is disloyal because whenever you need it, you never get it.”

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