Child Interview Center started to operate in Izmir

It was prepared by the Ministry of Justice and entered into force with its publication in the Official Gazette. “Regulation on the Fulfillment of Judgments and Measures Regarding Child Delivery and Establishing Personal Relationship with the Child” Within the scope of the scope of the Law, the duties, authorities and responsibilities regarding the execution of judgments and injunctions regarding the delivery of a child and establishing a personal relationship with the child, as well as the procedures and principles regarding this, were regulated.

Child interview centers were established in 50 provinces and districts by the Ministry of Justice, with the support of governorships and municipalities.

New application that puts an end to “child delivery by enforcement” Within the scope of the project, 4 child interview centers were established in the districts of Balçova, Bornova, Buca and Konak in İzmir.

Designed for the benefit of children 51 psychologists, pedagogues and social workers work in the centers.

Transactions at the interview centers are based on consent, not by force, but by communicating with the child and the parties, guiding them on how to behave.

“Children will now be subject to a practice worthy of human dignity”

İzmir Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Tahsin Kotan stated to the Anadolu Agency (AA) reporter at the child interview center in Buca that if individuals who have been deprived of their custody do not have their consent to meet with children, applications are made to the Legal Support and Victim Services directorates established in courthouses instead of enforcement offices.

Stating that the practices related to child delivery were made through enforcement offices before, Kotan said:

“With the new practice, child delivery is no longer carried out through enforcement, but through established child delivery centers. In this context, child delivery centers became operational in İzmir as of August 1st. Our children will be delivered and delivered through child delivery centers, not by enforcement. Here, the best interests of the children come first. “Children will now be addressed in a manner worthy of human dignity. They will be contacted through these directorates without paying any fee.”

İzmir Legal Support and Victim Services Manager Ferhat Satıroğlu stated that they opened a file according to the applications made in line with the court decision and notified the liable party.

Pointing out that the meeting was held under the coordination of experts, Satıroğlu said, “We are calling the parties to the child delivery centers based on the court decision and the injunction decision. Parents who are entitled and responsible come to the delivery centers with the child, establish a personal relationship with the child or take custody of their child. Now the children are delivered at their address. It is carried out not only in the delivery centers designed for them, but in the coordination of experts, by making individual meetings with the parties.” he said.

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