Controversial KPSS canceled, new calendar will start on September 17

Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) President Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Ersoy said, “After the comprehensive evaluations, the KPSS sessions held on July 31, 2022 were canceled and the sessions to be held on August 6-7, 2022 and August 14, 2022 were postponed.”

Ersoy, who was appointed as the President of ÖSYM with the decision published in the Official Gazette with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, started his duty.

Stating that ÖSYM serves an average of 10 million candidates every year with approximately 50 different exams, especially the higher education institutions exam, Ersoy reminded that the studies on the supply and placement of personnel needs of many public institutions under the most fair conditions are also carried out by ÖSYM.

‘KPSS candidates will not be charged any additional fees for the new exam’

Emphasizing that excluding ÖSYM, which provides the most comprehensive service in the world and is the most respected institution in its field, from any discussion, President Ersoy continued as follows:

“Of course, it is impossible for such a critical institution not to be the target of attacks. As a matter of fact, since the past, this distinguished institution has been tried to be placed at the center of discussions with various allegations. All of the allegations regarding OSYM’s mandate have been investigated administratively and judicially, and necessary actions have been taken against those responsible. As it is known, such a situation was encountered after the General Ability-General Culture sessions of the Public Personnel Selection Exam held on Sunday, July 31, 2022. According to the results of the first examination, it was determined that some of the questions asked to the candidates in this exam were included in the question booklets of a publishing house. It is never possible for a painting to be accepted in terms of both the working principles of our institution, the law and public conscience.”

Stating that upon the instruction of President Erdoğan, the State Supervisory Board (DDK) took action and started an investigation regarding the contested exam, Ersoy reminded that the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation on the subject upon the DDK’s criminal complaint.

Bayram Ali Ersoy said that the Higher Education Council (YÖK) Supervisory Board also took action for a preliminary examination.

‘New KPSS calendar will start on September 17’

ÖSYM President Ersoy said:

“After the comprehensive evaluations, both the KPSS sessions held on 31 July 2022 were canceled and the sessions planned to be held on 6-7 August and 14 August 2022 were postponed. The new calendar regarding the canceled and postponed exams will be shared with the public as soon as possible. The new KPSS calendar is on 17 September. KPSS candidates whose exams have been canceled will not be charged any additional fees for the new exam they will take. Our aim is to provide all candidates with an exam environment in which they will participate with peace of mind and be sure of the fairness of the result. To openly share the deficiencies and disruptions with the public and to “We are determined to strengthen the place of ÖSYM in the hearts of our nation by taking the necessary measures effectively. We apologize to all candidates for this unfortunate process that caused cancellations and postponements in a way we never wanted.”

President of the State Supervisory Board Arıncı: “We continue the investigations on KPSS meticulously”

State Inspection Board (DDK) Chairman Yunus Arıncı stated that they are continuing their meticulous examinations regarding the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS).

In his post on his social media account, Arıncı said, “It was deemed necessary to cancel the KPSS, which took place on July 31, in order to ease the public conscience and not leave any question marks in the minds of any of our citizens. As the State Supervisory Board, we will continue to inform our citizens transparently about the process.”

Arıncı stated that, as the State Supervisory Board, they are continuing their investigations regarding the KPSS meticulously and said, “Our citizens, rest in peace. We do not deprive a single young person of their rights, nor do we let our state’s credibility be harmed.”

Kılıçdaroğlu: There is a decaying structure and we have to fix this decaying structure

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, on the other hand, said about the controversial KPSS, “There is a rotting structure and we have to fix this decaying structure.”

Kılıçdaroğlu, when asked for his opinion on the cancellation of KPSS sessions during his visit to Uludere, said:

“I didn’t go to the door of the Ministry of National Education for nothing. I went there and said that justice must be delivered in some way. There were those whose rights were defeated in the oral form. We also saw those whose rights were defeated in the exams. There is a decaying structure and we have to fix this decaying structure. “We have to defend the rights and the law of our children. We will bring justice to this country. I promise to the whole nation that we have to protect the rights and laws of our bright young children who entered KPSS and whose rights were taken away, and of our children who hope that the exam was good or bad. Turkey” We have to live in justice too. If justice comes to this country, peace will come. The Ministry of National Education, there is a decaying state structure from the palace to the very bottom. There is no merit, there is no morality. Everything is over in a sense, but we will fix it all. I promised, promise again. I give you justice, justice will either come to this country or it will come.”

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