COP26: ‘If people do not find water, waves of migration occur where there is water’

The fifth day of the COP26 Summit, where issues such as global warming and climate change were discussed.

At the meetings in Glasgow, Scotland, issues such as extreme natural events and the rate of emissions, as well as access to fresh water and water shortages in some parts of the world, were also discussed.

The predictions of scientists that future world wars will break out because of the water problem have been a matter of debate for many years.

Speaking at COP26, Dr. What Shadad Attili said confirms this prediction. According to former Palestinian Water Minister Attili, if the necessary work is not done, in the near future people will have to migrate from areas with limited access to water to places where water is plentiful.

Stating that this situation fuels a global problem, Attili states that new immigration waves will cause great instability around the world, and that this situation will be due to the water problem rather than war, economy or human rights violations.

Stating that climate change affects the rate and shape of rainfall in the world, Attili said, “The type and amount of rainfall reflects directly on the agricultural sector. Farmers are dependent on rain. Access to water is one of the basic rights of people. If people cannot access water, they migrate to areas where there is water. If he does not have enough food, he will migrate to places where he can find food. This situation creates internal instability in countries. At the same time, regional instability … The situation is really serious.” he said.

Can politicians solve this problem if they want to?

“Something called a Green Fund should be established. In this way, financial problems of developing countries can be resolved against the consequences of climate change. Adaptation, restriction and other issues … We must increase water reserves. Irrigation systems used in agriculture should be managed much better. Reforms in every sector are needed. “There is a need. Reform should be made in the water sector to prevent evaporation and water loss. Efforts should be made to keep every drop of water in our region.”

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