Data for hereditary stock investors


But perhaps the point comes back to this: The stock market is not a gambling place. If you are not a real trader who has been trained in the capital markets, there will always be someone smarter than you, and their biggest goal will be to sell you a stock at a high price and get what you have at a cheap price. Because the only way for him to make money in daily trading will be for you to lose money at the same time. This is not a prophecy. This is pure truth. Because even investment wizards such as Buffet, Lynch and Graham never built their investments on short-term buy-sell strategies, believing that there could be someone smarter than them.


There is only one way individual investors can earn (except in exceptional or temporary situations). To be truly a partner in a company. So take and hold. Maybe even to keep what he bought to his children and grandchildren. But of course, an investment pays off when you buy it first. So having a solid analysis of what to invest in is the most important point of this strategy.

Here are some striking examples for you. Someone who invested 1000 TL 10 years ago in all shares in the transportation sector, today has more than 22 thousand TL. In other words, determining the sector first and then the solid stock to be bought in that sector provides you with the following: Stress-free investment, a slight smile against the ups and downs, a fund with a stable increase in value for your children.


Let’s take a look at the stock basis. For example, if an investor had invested 100 TL in SaSa every year for the last 10 years, without exception, today the total value of 4148.96 SaSa shares would be 219 thousand 65 TL. If 50 dollars were invested in TL every month, this figure would be 251 thousand TL. For 100 dollars, it is more than 500 thousand TL. 5 million TL in 1000 dollars. For the sake of comparison, if you had bought and set aside 1000 TL of dollars every year in the same period, today you only had 3100 dollars, that is, approximately 56 thousand TL.

If you had taken $1000 every year and set it aside, the maximum savings you could reach would not exceed 180 thousand liras. Here is the clearest example of why the stock market is profitable and unrivaled in the long run. The roadmap of transition to a strengthened parliamentary system, the changes to be made in the Constitution, and the studies of the economy and legal affairs commission will also be reviewed.

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