Discrimination remains high in Germany

Ferda Ataman, Head of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office, Germanyannounced its 2021 discrimination report at the press conference held in the capital Berlin.

Ataman, who was appointed to this post in July, stated that the German constitution prohibits discrimination on grounds such as “gender, religion, worldview, race, sexual orientation and anti-Semitism” and said that those who violate the principle of equality act against the law.

Stressing that everyone should be treated equally in Germany, Ataman said, “We know that this is not the case most of the time.” said.

Pointing out that discrimination is at the highest level in the country, Ataman noted that more than 5,600 cases of discrimination were reported to the Anti-Discrimination Department in 2021, which is the second highest number since 2006, when the Equal Treatment Law (AGG) was enacted. pulled.

Stating that the highest number has been reached so far with 6 thousand 383 complaints in 2020, Ataman noted that the decrease in this number in 2021 was due to the decrease in applications due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

More than 2,000 applications on “ethnic origin and racial discrimination”

When looking at the details, Ataman stated that the highest number of applications were made regarding “active origin and racial discrimination” with 2 thousand 80, and this was almost the same number as 2 thousand 101 applications registered in 2020.

Ataman said that about 1800 applications were made about disabled and chronic patients in the second place, and that there was a slight increase in the applications for discrimination based on age and gender, and that the applications related to religion, worldview and sexual orientation were almost at the same level as the previous year.

Stating that the most discrimination takes place in “access to services” and “business life”, Ataman noted that approximately one third of discrimination occurs in state institutions such as government offices and official authorities, but these are not covered by the AGG.

Ataman said, “We do not have any authority here because the actions related to the state are not part of the AGG. Unfortunately, not every state has an independent responsible for these events.” he said.

Ataman said that since areas such as schools and police are under the responsibility of the states, they are not included in the duties of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office, which works at the federal level.

“The numbers do not reflect the full extent of discrimination in Germany”

“The incidents of discrimination reported to us are alarming.” Ataman said, however, that the applications show that there are many people who do not want to put up with this discrimination and take legal action, and that he sees this as a good sign.

Pointing out that the numbers in the report do not reflect the real discrimination in the country, Ataman said, “Of course, the figures obtained from the consultancy of a federal office do not reflect the full extent of discrimination in Germany. These are the tip of the iceberg and do not represent the general population.” said.

Explaining that many people affected by discrimination did not apply to any place or contact non-governmental organizations, Ataman gave figures from other researches and noted that millions of people in the country faced discrimination.

Ataman said, “Until now, we cannot express discrimination in numbers in Germany because there are no studies on this subject. We only have surveys on whether a person has been discriminated against. This actually shows that the issue of combating discrimination has been neglected.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that he wants to ensure better protection of those who are discriminated against during his term of office, Ataman said that the Equal Treatment Law in Germany, which puts stones in front of those seeking their rights, urgently needs reform.

From the report of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office

5 thousand 617 people in 2021; She applied to the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office, saying that they were discriminated against on various issues such as origin, gender, religion, age. This number was 6 thousand 383 in 2020, 3,580 in 2019 and 3 thousand 455 in 2018.

Of the 5,617 people, 37 percent are ethnicity, 32 percent have a chronic illness or disability, 20 percent are gender, 10 percent are age, 6 percent are religious beliefs, 4 percent are gender identity and 3 percent. He applied because he was discriminated against because of his worldview.

While 33% of discrimination occurs in access to services and products, 28% occurs in business life areas; More than 1000 applications were also covered by the Kovid-19 outbreak.

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