Do plugged-in plugs, electrical appliances waste energy?

With energy prices rising in Europe and around the world, many people are worried about whether the bills will rise in the coming winter season.

Natural gas and water bills increase as they are used. However, there are some electronic “vampire devices” in your home that increase your home’s electricity bill even if you don’t use them. How Does?

According to a study conducted in the United States (USA), many electronic devices that are plugged in in sleep mode in our homes cause 1 in 4 of our electricity bills.

According to data from the UK-based renewable energy company Bulb, the electricity consumed by every house in cities causes an average of 60 kilograms of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) emissions per year. It takes at least 3 overgrown trees to clear this amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

Solar, wind or hydroelectric power experts say that everyone who uses electricity leaves a carbon footprint on nature unless it is produced in a 100% renewable way.

Nowadays, the effects of global warming are increasing, people are leaving fossil fuels and turning to renewable energy sources. We can start this transition with simple measures we will take in our homes. Unplugging electronics may seem simple, but the impact is huge.

Electronic devices called “vampire devices” consume much more electricity than you think when plugged in or in standby mode.

Electronic devices should remain plugged in only while being used.

There is only one device in our homes that works 24 hours a day; it’s the fridge. However, we only use plug-in televisions, stereos, computers with adapters, mobile phones, printers and similar devices at certain intervals. When we are not using these devices, we have to unplug them from the socket. Because these appliances continue to burn electricity, from the smallest to the largest.

Triple socket style devices, which are frequently used in Turkey, do not use energy if they are plugged in, so empty sockets do not consume electricity. However, even a charger left plugged in continues to use electricity whether or not there is a phone connected to it. This not only increases the electricity bill, but also shortens the life of your electronic device.

That’s why unplugging the electronic device when you’re done seems like the healthiest option.

Brits pay 2 billion euros a year on electricity bills for nothing

In a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in the US state of California, electronic devices plugged into sockets burn electricity in standby mode and account for 23 percent of the electricity bill.

Similar results were obtained in the research conducted by giant energy companies in England. These plug-in devices, called “ghost devices”, account for 16 percent of the country’s citizens’ electricity bills, which average 75 pounds per month.

According to the research of the UK’s largest gas distribution company Centrica, 1 out of every 5 people in the country is unaware of this situation and the annual bill to the UK is 2 billion euros.

In short, we must be conscious and pull out all the plugs from the sockets when we are done, from the mobile phone to the television, from the smallest electronic device to the largest, except the refrigerator.

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