Drone attack on US-led coalition base in Syria

The international anti-ISIS coalition forces led by the USA announced that drones attacked the military base in the Al-Tanif region in eastern Syria.

In a written statement from the US-led coalition; It was stated that the military point in the Tanif region, located in the border triangle of Syria, Iraq and Jordan, was attacked by air vehicles.

In the statement, it was claimed that the coalition forces and one of the local armed forces, Magavir Es Sevra, responded to the drones at 06:30 local time and neutralized some of them.

While no information was given about who the aircraft belonged to and where it took off, it was noted that no loss of life or material damage occurred in the attack.

Military points belonging to the US and coalition forces in Syria are occasionally targeted by drones and rocket attacks departing from areas where Iran-backed groups are present.

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