Drought in Europe: France faces milk shortage this winter

In France, unions have demanded higher milk prices to help farmers who are going through a difficult time due to drought and extreme temperatures.

Yannick Fialip, President of FNSEA, the umbrella organization representing agricultural unions, stated that the crops used to feed animals are affected by weather conditions and warned that there may be a shortage of milk in France in the coming months.

Speaking to Franceinfo, Yannick Fialip said, “I think there will be a shortage of milk in France. To obtain milk, you need forage that does not grow much this year, such as alfalfa and corn. Therefore, there may be a risk of milk shortage this autumn and winter.”

Stating that they went through an unusual process, Fialip said, “We have animals that have nothing left to eat. We now have to use the feed we store in the spring to feed the animals in the winter. We are consuming our stocks.”

Noting that they are going through an unusual process, the President of FNSEA pointed out that they are worried about the feeding of animals during the winter months and called for measures to be taken in advance.

Stating that among the first measures that can be taken is to increase the prices paid to the farmers, Fialip said:

“The price of milk in France is 20 percent lower than the price paid to other European producers, especially Germany and the Netherlands. One of the first measures that the government should take is to increase financial assistance to animal breeders and to take economic steps to ensure the sustainability of the sector. Some farmers may withdraw from the sector. there is risk”.

‘waterless summer’ and record temperatures in France

As a result of the drought in France due to the extreme heat wave and the lack of rainfall for a long time, it was decided to cut water in 90 of 96 regions.

The areas around the Tarn and Lot rivers in the southwest are also among the regions shown in the “red” category, where the water restriction is most severe.

The Alps, which are famous for their green and mountainous lands, are among the regions that have suffered from drought this year.

France is having its “third driest” year, after 1976 and 2011. This year, precipitation is 45% below the normal level.

Local governments have banned touristic trips to some forest areas in order to prevent possible fires.

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