Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations in the world for wakesurfing lovers.

Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the United Arab Emirates. In some ways it resembles traditional surfing. But you surf with the use of a smaller board as well as the shooting of a special ship.

The surfer initially holds a rope attached to the ship, and after accelerating, releases the rope to surf the waves created by the ship. The feature of this sport is that unlike ocean surfing, it can be done in lakes or in the sea.

More than seven institutions in Dubai offer this sport to their customers. Sea Riders in Jumeirah is also one of the many places you can try this sport.

Hasan Jad, the founder of Rakmajeh, wants to introduce people to this sport and attract surfers from all over the world to Dubai.

‘There are professional surfers who started this sport in Dubai’

Emphasizing that both the sport and the society are growing in the UAE, Hasan Jad said, “One of the things that makes Dubai great is that it provides a lot of activities in many sports. But especially in surfing, we have the best boats, also the location of Seariders is great. “There is not a single wave here. It is one of the flattest areas to come and work in. These conditions attract people who want to learn the sport or improve themselves. And you take it to the next level. We have athletes who started this sport in Dubai and competed around the world. That’s great.” he said.

Beginners and amateurs aren’t just wakesurfing in Dubai. Professional surfers from all over the world come here to train in the sunshine year-round, in the winter or in the off-season.

Surfing is possible every day of the year

Pro-level wakesurfers Anthony and Jennifer Edwards said Dubai offers great facilities and allows them to prepare and practice for competitions when it’s too cold to surf in the UK.

Explaining why they chose to come to Dubai, Jennifer Edwards said, “When you surf, you get an incredible sense of freedom. You forget all your troubles. It’s really fun. So it hooked us up very quickly. And now we’re coming to sunny places like Dubai, and this beautiful weather. and enjoying the beautiful waters,” he said.

Noting the difficulty of this sport, his wife, Anthony, said: “It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world, but it can be a very frustrating sport at times because when you make the slightest change in your movement, you can lose your balance and fall into the water. So when you have everything set up perfectly, it’s a great feeling.” he said.

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