Dubai supports local sustainable products

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) currently imports about 87 percent of its total food supply. But aquaculture and hydroponic farming are helping to build a more sustainable future for the country while providing fresher and tastier food.

Atlantis is a hotel committed to putting locally sourced produce on the menu in The Palm, Dubai. Currently, eight of its restaurants feature locally grown ingredients.

Atlantis’ Seafire Steakhouse’s Cuisine Chef Raymond Wong is among the kitchen team that creates the facility’s new sustainable dishes. “The goal is to have five different locally sourced items on menus at all 23 restaurants in Atlantis by the end of 2021,” Wong says.

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Meals are prepared with local products

Seafire Steakhouse dishes made with local ingredients include a mushroom risotto with a selection of locally selected mushrooms, and organic beetroot salmon carpaccio with a jus made from UAE-based Green Fields Farms cucumbers.

Atlantis, The Palm, sources its salmon from Fish Farm, a marine breeding and hatching facility in Jebel Ali. The main goal here is to reduce the UAE’s dependence on imported fish, while offering fresher products to buyers.

“Locally grown salmon is so fresh when it reaches us, it even needs time to rest,” says Wong.

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Vegetables are grown on Dubai’s hydroponic farms with zero pesticide policy

The plant’s leafy vegetables are from Oasis Greens and Uns Farm in Al Quoz, two of Dubai’s hydroponic farms with a zero pesticide policy, which use 90 percent less water than traditional farming methods.

Kelly Timmins, Director of Conservation, Education and CSR at The Palm, Atlantis, said: “Sustainability is a journey and we need the involvement of our community to get there. A key point for Atlantis, The Palm aims to increase leverage from local suppliers and vendors as part of our commitment to driving the local economy. ” says.

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