EMRA will go to regulation for the target of ‘production as consumption’ in unlicensed electricity

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz, in his written statement, stated that an amendment was made to the Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Production in the Electricity Market, and that the new regulation would come into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

Giving the information that the installed power of unlicensed solar energy is approaching 8 thousand megawatts, Yılmaz stated that in recent years, with the regulations in this area, it has become the producer of the energy consumed by citizens from every subscriber group, including not only municipalities and industrial zones, but also agricultural producers and tourism operators.

Stating that consumers who cannot find a place for an unlicensed production facility in organized industrial zones (OIZ) in places where construction is intense, they can establish facilities in other distribution regions, outside of industrial zones, Yılmaz stated that consumers with cogeneration facilities can also establish an unlicensed production facility for their consumption, which they cannot meet with a cogeneration plant under certain conditions. .

Recalling that with the Presidential Decision dated 9 May 2019, the power of the unlicensed generation facility was associated with the contractual power in the connection agreement of the consumption facility, this power was doubled in some subscriber groups with the law amendment in March, and said:

“With this arrangement, we have determined the production quantities that can be put up for sale for facilities that deviate from the target of ‘production as much as consumption’, increase the installed power disproportionately in violation of engineering science and technical facts, eliminate the possibility of real consumers to establish unlicensed production facilities, and try to produce without consumption.”

Referring to the criticisms on the social media on the subject, Yılmaz said, “The purpose of our regulation is to support those who produce for their own consumption. To pave the way for consumers who have real consumption and cannot establish a production facility due to capacity constraints. Look, we installed solar panels in our own building. We produce as much as we consume. We want to Let’s start a nationwide solar mobilization. Not only our industry but the whole of Turkey will gain from this mobilization.” used his statements.

Stating that with the regulation, the energy produced as much as the consumption amount will be offset against the consumption rate, and the excess energy produced as much as a consumption amount will be subject to sale, Yılmaz said, “Any production made more than this rate will be reflected in the system as ‘free energy’ to benefit all our consumers. As the amount produced increases, our consumers’ bills will be billed. I hope it will also be affected in a downward direction.” made its assessment.

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