EP approved Turkey’s resolution: ‘Ankara should abandon its nationalist warmongering’

At the General Assembly of the European Parliament convened in Brussels, the proposal titled ‘Turkey’s role in the Eastern Mediterranean and the dangerous increase in tension in the region’ was overwhelmingly approved.

While 601 European Parliamentarians voted yes, 57 voted no. 36 parliamentarians abstained. A total of 694 European Parliamentarians voted.

The non-binding resolution is a preparation for the European Union Leaders’ Summit to be held next week, where Turkey will be discussed in particular. The proposal includes the views of the European Parliamentarians on their expectations from the summit.

In the proposal, it is stated that the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey conducts drilling activities, is a key area for the stability and peace of the European Union. Emphasis is placed on the importance of Turkey refraining from unilateral actions; On the other hand, Ankara is asked to move away from the ‘nationalist warmongering discourse’. European Parliamentarians, calling on the European Union officials and European Union countries, welcome the work carried out so far and want the dialogue with Turkey to continue.

What is in the proposal text?

In the text, it is stated that the Eastern Mediterranean is an important region for the European Union in terms of geopolitical, economic and political aspects.

– In the approved motion, Turkey’s decision to withdraw the seismic research vessel Oruç Reis on 12 September 2020 is welcomed.

Turkey invites all its neighbors to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty.

-Ankara is asked to move away from the ‘nationalist warmongering discourse’.

It is stated that ‘threats against member states and the European Union and the use of abusive language’ are unacceptable.

– Turkey’s decision to issue a new Navtex to extend the mandate of the 15 September 2020 drilling ship Yavuz until 12 October 2020 is condemned.

-The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Relations Josep Borrell and Germany’s current presidency of the European Union are pleased to seek a solution to this situation.

– It is reminded that Turkey is a candidate country for the EU and is an important partner of the European Union; Emphasis is placed on the importance of protecting democracy and international rules at the highest level.

The heads of state and government of the European Union countries will discuss the steps to be taken towards Turkey on 24-25 September in Brussels.

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