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 seçimlerine izmir escort  came to the vineyard belonging to Hasan Fehmi Tekoğlu in Manisa, where he came for the collective opening ceremony. Welcomed here by Tekoğlu and his family members, Erdoğan put on the Manisa t-shirt with his name on it, which was given as a gift.

After chatting with the citizens engaged in grape production and trade in the region, receiving information about grape varieties, production conditions, yield and prices, Erdoğan ate the offered grape.

A citizen chatting with President Erdoğan made a video call to his relatives on his mobile phone and said, “You also say ‘far away from the citizen.’ That caused laughter.

President Erdoğan also conveyed his greetings to the people called by video calling.

Asking Tekoğlu how many grapes he would buy from the vineyard, Erdoğan replied, “10 tons”.

After Tekoğlu said that they bought 8 tons of grapes last year, Erdoğan said, “This year is fruitful, mashallah.” The owner of the vineyard, Tekoğlu, said, “It has been fruitful because you came.” said.

One of the citizens said, “You are taking care of the world. May God keep it from the evil eye. You were with Zelensky the other day. What’s wrong with him?” Upon the question, President Erdogan replied, “He is troubled, troubled…”.


When the citizen said, ”

Reminding the citizens of President Erdogan’s efforts to open the grain corridor,

“Right now, about 21-22 ships have arrived. They are coming one after the other. The total amount of arrivals so far is 625 thousand tons. These pass through us, go to different countries. There will be more to come, of course. Now we have removed Ukraine’s, but we will start with Russia’s.”


Ali Durmus, who came from Stuttgart for a vacation, also took a selfie with President Erdogan.

Durmuş said, “Years ago, they said to you, ‘He can’t even be a headman.’ I came from Germany by car, to vote with my three friends.” used the phrase.

Erdogan, who asked Durmuş where he was from, and got the answer “Trabzon”, said, “It’s obvious.” His words made the people around him laugh.

Durmuş, who said that he had been fighting with his colleagues in Germany for years, said, “Now they are starting to understand, they say ‘Erdogan is right’ about the buffer zone in Syria… You showed the world that you are right, President. You became the world president, not the headman.” he said

President Erdogan: “As the People’s Alliance, we need to finish this job in June.” The citizens said that they would go from door to door and that they would not leave the country to anyone.

Later on, Erdoğan went to the vineyard and took the scissors and made the first harvest of the year.

Erdoğan posed for a souvenir photo with the citizens and liked the children who showed inter

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