EU proposes ‘final text’ to reach agreement in nuclear negotiations

A diplomat from the European Union (EU), who did not reveal his name, made statements regarding the Iran nuclear negotiations, which resumed on August 4 after a five-month hiatus in Vienna.

The diplomat stated that the EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, Borrell, put on the table the new and final text of the text he presented on July 20, without much change, in order to restore the nuclear agreement and ensure the return of the United States to the agreement.

“The High Representative put on the table today the last text, which is not much different from the previous one. This text will be evaluated in the capitals of 4 countries. Frankly, this text is the best performance of the EU to achieve reconciliation between the parties,” the diplomat said. he said.

Noting that a text covering all the issues related to the negotiations has been put forward, the diplomat said that the response of the parties to the text in question will be determined whether or not the final agreement is reached.

The diplomat stated that the negotiations have been going on for more than 18 months and stated that with the new text, it is aimed to return the USA to the agreement and return Iran to the borders determined by the nuclear agreement.

The text will not be changed and there will be no further discussion

“The text (by Borell) will not be changed or negotiated.” Speaking to the EU diplomat, the EU diplomat noted that the security audit issues between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are not related to the negotiations, and that this is an issue that needs to be resolved between the two sides.

The diplomat stated that the text consists of approximately 25 pages, that the parties were satisfied with the majority of the text, and that only 4 paragraphs were edited.

“It will come to an end very soon”

Expressing that he expects the process to “conclude very soon,” the diplomat said that the US and Iran negotiation delegations, as well as EU officials, will leave Vienna today and tomorrow. “As of April 2021, we have tried to answer all the questions and all the issues that are necessary for the return of the USA to the agreement and Iran’s withdrawal to the borders of the nuclear agreement with this text. In my opinion, there is nothing left unanswered.” made its assessment.

The diplomat emphasized that there are 4 technical issues that need to be resolved, apart from that, all the questions necessary for a return to the Iran nuclear talks, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (KOEP), were answered with this text.

Stating that the text put forward by the EU will be evaluated as a whole and that any part of it will not be renegotiated, the diplomat said, “They can say yes or no to the proposal, if yes, then a ministerial meeting will be held, but I don’t know what will happen if one of the parties says no.” he said.

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