Explosion at Cuban oil storage facilities: Government calls for international cooperation

One person died in the fire that caused explosions at the tanker base in the port of Matanzas, Cuba, and the number of injured rose to 122.

Authorities reported that special teams sent from Mexico and Venezuela on Sunday also participated in the fire extinguishing efforts, which have been going on since Friday night.

The number of injured increased after explosions at the crude oil storage facilities known as the “Matanzas Super Tanker Base” in the north of the country.

So far, 1 person has died and 122 people have been injured in explosions and fires. 17 firefighters are still reported missing.

It was shared that the condition of 5 of the injured, whose treatment continues in hospitals, is serious, and 4,946 people were evacuated from the region.

Cuba calls for international cooperation

In a post on his Twitter account, President Miguel Diaz Canel stated that they asked for help from experts experienced in oil and said, “We thank the offers of assistance from Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile.”

Emphasizing that they are ready to assist Cuba technically, the US Embassy in Havana said, “We are in contact with Cuba regarding the incident in Matanzas.” said.

Authorities stated that a fire broke out in the fuel storage tanks in the port due to lightning strikes. According to the first determinations, 77 people were injured and 17 firefighters were missing.

It was shared that 4 of the 8 tanks in the port experienced an explosion and the fire still continued.

The President had gone to the region.

It was reported that Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero went to the port of Matanzas and received information about the fire and visited the wounded in the hospital.

It is claimed that the explosion in the port occurred in a tanker on August 5 at 23:00 and the flames spread to 3 more tankers hours later.

Matanzas Port; Thanks to its oil wells, refineries, giant tanker equipment and thermal power plants, it is known as the country’s largest industrial and commercial port.

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