Extreme heat has dried up the river in Italy: Unexploded bomb from the Second World War revealed

Extreme drought dried up a river in Italy, resulting in an unexploded WWII bomb.

Much of the 650km Po river dried up in Italy’s worst drought in 70 years. Fishermen came across a bomb weighing 450 kg in the river bed where there was no water left.

Army official Colonel Marco Nasi said in a statement that the bomb contained 240 kg of explosives.

About 3,000 people in the vicinity were evacuated from their homes so that the bomb, which was discovered near the Lombardy village of Borgo Virgilio in July, could be detonated by disposal experts.

River traffic on the region’s airspace and waterway was also closed for a short time. After the necessary precautions were taken, it was detonated on Sunday.

The longest river in the country

Unusually warm weather and low precipitation levels have exacerbated northern Italy’s water scarcity and fueled concerns about the effects of climate change.

The Po is Italy’s longest river, flowing from the southwestern Alps to the Adriatic Sea – but this year’s satellite images show dried up riverbeds that expanded as a result of extreme drought.

Italian authorities declared a state of emergency last month for the areas surrounding the Po, which irrigate about a third of the country’s agricultural production.

With heat and lack of rainfall in recent months, the current has weakened so much that farmers in the Po Valley say salty seawater now seeps into the river, destroying crops.

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