Fatih Elibol: The way to success in corporate life is through clarity

The shocking effects of the global epidemic led the leaders to take radical decisions. Research shows that 81 percent of the leaders decide to start a new business in order to protect themselves from the negativities experienced in the sectors in which they operate. 50 percent of global revenues are expected to come from products, services and businesses that do not exist today by 2026. This expectation further increases the importance of effective leadership management. According to the book CEO Excellence: Six Mindsets That Distinguish Best Leaders From Others, prepared by McKinsey & Company by monitoring the 20-year performance of 7,800 CEOs of 3,500 companies operating in 24 sectors in 70 countries, leaders who can manage negative emotions such as fear and anxiety make bold decisions. can receive.

MCC (Master Certified Coach) Fatih Elibol pointed out that leaders who can control themselves can manage their work in a healthy and efficient way by avoiding negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, and said, “One of the most important duties of a leader is to create trust and synergy in his team. Leaders who cannot manage themselves well cannot build trust on their team. All the lines of a successful leader are clear, there is no aspect that cannot be understood. A leader with a clear mind can conduct effective and effective leadership. This can only be achieved by realizing the power of their knowledge and skills through effective coaching and mentoring sessions. Teams that receive coaching and mentoring sessions are with their leaders. they can shape their career lives by focusing on the concepts of happiness and success by adapting more easily.”

“Success in corporate life depends on clarity”

Stating that the success in corporate life comes from clarity, Fatih Elibol said, “Leaders lost in their worries and fears may lose their pioneering vision and drag companies into an environment of chaos. However, leaders who can manage themselves can successfully manage the world as well as companies. Leaders who look like they have a leader vision from the outside, but experience unhappiness, restlessness and inadequacies, lack a leader vision because they live as if they are. Such leaders lead a life that is not their own by copying the ideas of others. Leaders who act on the ideas of others cannot go beyond the puppet leader. Leaders who follow the dreams of others and cannot define their own happiness have to make decisions in business life with the directives of other people.” used the phrases.

“Coaching and mentoring sessions offer the key to successful leadership”

MCC Fatih Elibol noted that leaders who receive coaching or mentoring support can make clear decisions by using all their experience and abilities by expanding their vision, as well as by expanding their vision, and by using all their experience and talents, MCC Fatih Elibol said, “The element that transforms the power of knowledge and skills into success is clear decisions. A brand new life plan created around the concept of clarity brings health and happiness to the leader’s life, while making success possible. As we have seen in countries as well as companies that are successfully managed in the world, clear leaders who can manage themselves have a say in this success. Their success in coaching and mentoring lies behind their signature. Coaching or mentoring sessions offer the key to successful leadership by showing leaders how they can best manage their own lives by being a companion, rather than giving them advice on what kind of decisions they should make. Teams that receive coaching and mentoring sessions can create effective team solidarity with their leaders and achieve high productivity while achieving happiness in business life.” he said.

“The coaching teaching that teaches creating vision and questioning brings success”

Fatih Elibol said that coaching and mentoring enable leaders to take decisions freely in line with their knowledge and experience, and said, “Managers who succeed in having a good leader vision by participating in coaching sessions, while gaining the mindset that can achieve great success in all areas of life, reveal their full potential. Leaders who can make decisions freely by getting rid of the grip of fear and anxiety can establish confident and clear teams. The leaders, who are afraid of making free decisions by ensuring the continuity of the current order, are left alone with their fears and worries. Offering the key to multidimensional thinking, teaching vision creation and questioning, coaching teaching leads leaders to success. Teams that integrate with the teaching of coaching can always increase their success in a clear and happy environment.” said.

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