Fenerbahce started the season with a loss

In the 1st minute, Geraldo, who hung behind the defense with Del Valle’s intermediate pass from the left wing, shot from the left diagonal inside the penalty area, and the goalkeeper Altay, who threw the ball away, removed the danger.

Fenerbahce won a penalty in the 16th minute. The ball, which was cut into the front post in the corner used by the yellow-dark blues with Lincoln from the right wing and scratched Gustavo Henrique’s head while trying to overtake it, hit Durel Avounou’s hand in the defense. In the ongoing game, the referee Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu, who watched the position with the warning of the VAR referee, gave a penalty decision.

Using the penalty kick in the 19th minute, Valencia brought the ball into the nets from the lower right corner of the goal: 1-0.

Oğuz, who met the ball on the right diagonally outside the penalty area, with the ball bouncing from Szalai in front of the penalty area in the 28th minute, shot with the top of his right foot. Goalkeeper Altay sent the ball from the top to the corner with the tips of his fingers.

In the middle of Lenjani, who took the pass from the left line in the 29th minute, Glumac’s head shot and the ball met the nets from the right corner. VAR checked whether Mrsic, standing in front of the goal in the position, caused an offside, and after the examination, the goal became valid: 1-1.

45+3. yellow-dark blue team found the second goal in the minute. King, who met the ball with Ferdi’s pass, brought the ball together with Rossi, who was jogging into the penalty area from the right wing. With the touch of Valencia, which met with Rossi’s pass from the right line, the leather round went into the net once again: 2-1.

The first half ended with Fenerbahçe’s 2-1 advantage.

Valencia, who met with Rossi’s pass, who entered the penalty area from the left in the 55th minute, found Emre Mor. In Emre Mor’s shot from the right diagonal, the leather round turned from the goalkeeper, the ball of the defenders was removed.

HanimKredi Ümraniyespor tied in the 67th minute. Oğuz Gürbulak used the corner won from the right corner as a pass to his teammate Gheorghe, who was waiting in the right corner outside the penalty area. In this player’s shot, the ball hit the net from the right of goalkeeper Altay: 2-2.

In the 70th minute, the visiting team won a penalty. Onur Ayık, who met the ball in the midfield, stayed on the ground with the intervention of Peres as he entered the penalty area and Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu, the referee of the fight, showed the penalty spot. The VAR review for this position took about 2 minutes and the referee called for the penalty to be taken.

In the 73rd minute, Mrsic, who took the lead in the penalty kick, brought the ball to the nets from the left corner: 3-2.

In the 87th minute, Serdar Dursun, who hit the ball in the right front with the ball centered on the left line by Bruma, softened his chest and left the ball in the hands of the goalkeeper when he shot with his left foot.

90+2. Fenerbahce caught the draw this time in minutes. Zajc, who met the ball at the penalty spot in the penalty area, turned and hit the ball in front of him by Berisha, who was waiting here. In the shot taken by this player, the leather met the round nets: 3-3.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw.

Ali Koç is not satisfied with Fenerbahce’s performance in the Umraniyespor match

Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç made a statement to the press after the match at Ülker Stadium.

“Congratulations to the 2022-2023 season.” Koç said, “Let it be a season of fair competition. It is obvious where we have come in terms of brand value, broadcast income and economic situation, but life goes on. We have to keep up with these conditions. The Federation is trying to do its best.” used the phrases.

Stating that they got an unexpected result in the Ümraniyespor competition, the president of the yellow-dark blue club said:

“Today’s result was unexpected, but maybe it is a good result both to see our shortcomings and to wake up. I congratulate Ümraniyespor as well. They are a new team in our league, but they did their best on the field like an experienced one. We have to give them their due. We were bad, we did much better. We were waiting. But at this stage there is nothing to panic or worry about. It always started by winning a few weeks and then there was a troubled period. Maybe this start will be good within the framework of our expectations this season. We trust our team and our coach. We made most of our transfers. One position remains. Now “We have 4 weeks to dispose of the extra foreigners we have. We focus on it. I have nothing to worry about. The football we miss and desire will be settled. The football that our fans want to see will soon become our norm. This is not our norm. Let’s call it a road accident.”

“The referee was bad but this shouldn’t deceive us that football is bad”

Ali Koç criticized the performance of the match referee Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu.

Expressing that the referee’s performance cannot be an excuse for his own games, Koç used the following statements:

“The referee was bad, but this situation should not deceive us that the football we play is bad. It is a terrible situation. The game stops a lot. We need to find a solution to this problem in Turkey. The referee is the referee we already know. It is obvious that he is a troubled name from previous seasons. Gone, the game stopped too long. Of course, the referees will make mistakes, but it takes skill to fit so many mistakes in 90 minutes. However, it would not be right to focus on the referee right now. Then we would be looking for excuses for our bad game, but this referee’s performance is unacceptable. “If anything happens to us, our reaction will be very, very different. I said what I had to say about this referee last season, but I will continue this season.”

Ali Koç stated that the Turkish Football Federation has taken positive steps and said, “The separation of VAR and field referees is a very right step. What we said last season is coming true one by one. I have no doubts about the intention of our Federation, but you know our referees. As long as there is no goodwill in people, bring the system you want, whatever you want. use technology, we can’t reach the goal we want.” made its assessment.

“Planning is completely within the framework of the teacher’s wishes and directives”

Fenerbahçe Club President Koç stated that the transfer planning was shaped in line with the wishes of coach Jorge Jesus.

Expressing that he trusts the technical team and the team, Koç said, “Planning is completely within the framework of the teacher’s wishes and directives. Before coming here, he said he wanted 5 players, but after he came here, we wanted to evaluate it when we spent 1.5-2 months with the team and some opportunities came up. “When he transfers, he criticizes. There is no middle ground. I trust our coach, his team and our team until the end. There is nothing to panic. We are just at the beginning of the road.” he said.

Emphasizing that they are waiting for a transfer of opportunity in the centre-forward, Ali Koç said, “Sometimes you cannot do what you want if the financial means are limited. Striker is also the most expensive position. There is another fact that very different things happen after August 10. We are especially waiting for this.” expressed an opinion.

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