Forest fires, hurricanes, air pollution… The effects of global warming can be seen from space

It would not be wrong if we define the most important problem threatening the world as “global warming” these days when the United Nations Climate Summit (COP26) is held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Because scientists say that if we do not reduce the temperature increase on our planet to below 1.5 degrees Celsius per year in the next 10 years, we will encounter a big problem that we cannot avoid.

The complete melting of the glaciers on Earth means that humanity’s habitats on terrestrial regions will be completely submerged under sea water.

Not to mention the effects of climate change and global warming on our health. To what extent is the global climate crisis progressing?

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet gives us one of the answers to these questions from a different perspective.

Pasquet shared his observations on global warming for the last 6 months of his mission in the International Space Station, which is located in the orbit of the Earth outside the atmosphere.

Thomas Pesquet says that the effects of global warming on our planet, from forest fires to huge hurricanes that have increased in recent years, from air pollution to the melting of glaciers, can be seen from space.

According to Pesquet, the Earth’s situation is quite “dire” because, compared to previous space missions, the French astronaut had never seen such images before; “Hurricanes, forest fires are definitely visible to the naked eye from space. This sort of thing didn’t happen in our previous missions.”

“The dimensions of forest fires are incredible. You can observe the clouds and pillars of smoke from space for days or even weeks. Thinking about the energy released and the extent of the damage done, and thinking about which people were hurt the most from these fires affects us deeply.”

The French astronaut also states that seeing the Earth from space after 5 years has increased his awareness of how fragile our blue planet is regarding the climate crisis:

“The pollution of rivers, the destruction of arable land by fresh water reaching the sea and the erosion of sediments, air pollution, the melting of glaciers, the cutting of rainforests in the Amazon… we can see it all from space.”

Stating that witnessing all these changes before COP26 made him question people’s lifestyles, Pesquet adds: “When you consider not only our own observations from space, but also all the data at hand, you can’t help but worry.”

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