Forest fires in Algeria extinguished

The Algerian Civil Defense Presidency announced that all forest fires that broke out in various cities of the country and caused the death of 37 people were extinguished.

According to the Algerian national radio, Colonel Ashur Faruk, Director of Information and Statistics of the Civil Defense Presidency, “As of this morning, all forest fires in the country have been extinguished.” said.

Colonel Faruk stated that in the last 24 hours, 73 fires in the city of Et-Tarif on the Tunisian border and 18 different points in the city of Suk Ahras in the northeast were extinguished.

In a written statement made yesterday by the Algerian Civil Defense Presidency, it was reported that 37 people lost their lives and 183 people were injured in the forest fires that reached their peak starting on 17 August.

Thirty of the casualties were recorded in the city of Et-Tarif, 5 in Suk Ahras, and 2 in the northeastern city of Setif.

The Civil Defense Presidency announced the total number of deaths as 41 yesterday, and then went to fix it.

Compensation will be paid to the injured

Et-Tarif was the city that suffered the most from the fires. In Et-Tarif, extensive woodland was destroyed, as well as the zoo, and much of the Al-Kala National Park, known as one of the country’s most important national parks, was damaged.

Algerian Prime Minister Eymen Bin Abdurrahman, who went to the city of Et-Tarif to inspect the fire extinguishing efforts on site, announced that from next week, compensation will be paid to the citizens damaged in the fires.

Bin Abdurrahman, who said that the fires started from natural causes, stated that it became difficult to control the fires due to the wind speed reaching 91 kilometers per hour.

On the other hand, the Algerian Ministry of Justice announced that a judicial investigation was launched into the allegations of the deliberate setting of the fires.

The Gendarmerie Command of the Ministry of Defense also announced in a written statement yesterday that 4 people who were found to have burned agricultural products belonging to others in Et-Tarif were taken into custody.

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