France expels Moroccan imam; The ECtHR rejected the request for the suspension of the decision.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the application for interim injunction requested by Hassan Iquioussen, who was ordered to be deported from France.

The application made by the Moroccan imam to the ECtHR to stop the deportation action by running an emergency process in accordance with Article 39 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) was decided today.

In France, with the decree issued by the Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin on July 29, it was decided to deport the imam born in 1964, despite having a 10-year residence and work permit on the grounds that he ‘posed a threat to public order’.

The Moroccan imam had requested the ECtHR to take a precautionary measure for a stay of execution against the deportation decision by running an emergency process in accordance with Article 39 of the ECHR.

The Moroccan imam is the 3rd ECHR on the prohibition of ill-treatment and torture, the 8th on respect for private and family life, the 9th on the freedom of religion and belief, the 10th on the freedom of expression and thought, and the 13th on the right to an effective application. He claimed that the first article had been violated by France.

On the other hand, it is expected that the Paris Administrative Court, which applied to annul the deportation decree of the imam, who is stated to be a “Ikhwanist”, is expected to announce its decision today.

On July 28, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin posted his deportation decision on his Twitter account, “This preacher has exhibited hate speech against the values ​​of France for years, contrary to our principles of secularism and gender equality. He will be sent from French territory.” had shared.

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