French physicist Treiner: Renewable energy will never be ‘100 percent’ green

The United Nations (UN) Climate Change Summit (COP26) meetings held in Glasgow, Scotland will come to an end on Friday, November 12, after a busy agenda for 12 days.

In the meetings where the effects of global warming were discussed, reducing carbon emissions and the goals of the countries related to it came to the fore, while sustainable energy resources and investments were another prominent factor.

However, experts say that even if the whole world switches to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar panels, hydrogen, biofuels, hydroelectricity, etc., it will not be 100% green.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the production phase of machines or devices that obtain sustainable energy. prof. Dr. Jacques Treiner states that these devices, in which many chemicals, plastics, iron-steel and other metals are used, pollute the environment during the production phase.

prof. Dr. Treiner said, “There is no energy type in the world that causes zero emissions. For example, fossil energy is used when producing solar panels or wind turbines. There are many chemicals used for these devices. In order for all of these to be considered zero emissions, all values ​​in the production phase must be 0 emissions”. ” says.

“Energy has no color”

French physicist Treiner is quite against the use of sustainable energy sources as “green energy”. Expressing that the concept of green energy is a trendy word used recently, Treiner said, “Energy has no color. Green energy, gray, red or blue. They don’t make any sense. What matters is which energy sources do not emit greenhouse gases.” he said.

“We cannot control sustainable energy sources”

Stating that even if we can create 100 percent clean energy sources, only the sun or wind cannot be trusted as the main energy source. Dr. Treiner: “There is no switch by which we can turn the thermonuclear reactions on the Sun to more intense or less intense when we need more or less electricity. It’s the same with the wind. These energies don’t run out, but we can’t control the flow.” he said.

According to Treiner, the issue of storing and storing energy is as important as obtaining it in sustainable ways.

Treiner states that energy storage systems need to be developed:

“When it comes to using renewable energies on a large scale today, we don’t know exactly how to store energy. If we knew, we would store it during peak production times and use it when production is low. But we don’t know how to do this on a large scale. We can’t talk about the electric energy mix.”

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