French President Macron to visit Algeria soon

Algeria According to the written statement made by the Presidency, the President Tabbun with his French counterpart macron made a phone call.

In the statement, macronIt was stated that Turkey conveyed its condolences to President Tebbun for those who lost their lives in the forest fires in some provinces of Algeria.

In the statement, it was stated that the cooperation between the two countries was discussed during the meeting, and it was noted that the agenda of Macron’s official visit to Algeria in the near future was also discussed by the two Presidents.

While the statement did not provide information on the date of Macron’s visit to Algeria, the said visit will take place on August 25, according to the information received by the AA correspondent.

President Tebbun had invited Macron to Algeria, which he congratulated on his re-election as President of France for the second term.

Tebbun reveals respect for sovereignty, common interests and non-interference in internal affairs as the main determinants of establishing calm relations with France.

tense relationships

Macron’s visit to Algeria, which is planned to be made upon Tebbun’s invitation, is seen as an opportunity for the settlement of historical problems between the two countries, especially for the solution of the recent turbulent relations.

In addition to the unresolved problems due to French colonialism in Algeria, France’s recent restriction of the visa quota for Algerians and President Macron’s statements about “doubting the existence of a pre-colonial Algerian nation” further increased the long-standing tension between the two countries. .

Historical issues pending resolution

Algeria and France are negotiating 4 extraordinary historical files, mainly the Algerian archive, which the French authorities refused to give, and the return of the skulls of the leaders of the people’s revolution in the Museum of Man in Paris.

According to Algerian authorities, the third file is about compensation for the victims of the nuclear tests carried out by France in the Algerian desert between 1960 and 1966, and the fourth file is about clarifying the fate of 2,200 people who disappeared during the War of Independence (1954-1962).

France did not respond to any requests from Algeria, except that the skulls of some of the symbols of the popular resistance to colonialism should be delivered in 2020.

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