From now on, every Turkish citizen will be able to access the Judicial Registry Information System via e-Government.

Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag In his speech at the “Criminal Registry Information System Promotion Ceremony” held at the Hakimevi, he said that the criminal record performs an important function.

Drawing attention to the importance of legally collecting and protecting criminal records and transmitting them to the relevant places in a safe manner, Bozdağ stated that many studies have been carried out in this field so far.

Stating that the criminal record system and forensic statistics have become an example to the world, Bozdağ said that the new “Forensic Registry Information System” will provide speed and convenience.

Bozdağ reminded that in the previous periods, citizens waited in queues for a long time to get a criminal record and to benefit from other services.

Underlining that the period of queuing for service in the AK Party governments has ended, Bozdağ said that citizens’ access to all public services has been facilitated.

Minister Bozdag emphasized that a great transformation will be realized with the Judicial Registry Information System.

“The period of coming to Ankara is over”

Explaining that the criminal records were deleted due to the expiration of the deadlines or the use of the opportunities provided by the law, Bozdağ continued as follows:

“With the new Criminal Record Information System we have put into practice, the period of coming to Ankara to have our people’s criminal records deleted is over. People from all over the country, from Edirne to Kars, from Hakkari to Sinop, who want to have their criminal records deleted, are time-consuming. From now on, every Turkish citizen can access the Judicial Registry Information System from their home, workplace, car, wherever they are, when they apply duly via e-Government, and learn and obtain the criminal record record and keep the records there when the conditions are met. will have the right to request deletion. Within minutes, the application for deregistration will be returned as a result. He will be notified that his registration has been deleted via SMS.”

Pointing out that the bureaucracy will be disabled with the new application, Bozdağ stated that the transactions will be done in speed and confidence.

Stating that criminal records can be deleted after a certain period of time, Bozdağ said, “In the new application we will put into effect today, our General Directorate of Criminal Records and Statistics will delete the criminal records, ex officio, without the request of the citizen, upon the expiration of the legal period.” shared his knowledge.

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