Galatasaray opened the season with a win

Galatasaraystarted the 2022-2023 season in Spor Toto Super League with 3 points.

away in the first week of the league Fraport TAV AntalyasporThe yellow-red team won the match 1-0 with the goal scored by Bafetimbi Gomis in the 90th minute.

Galatasaray entered the season with a win. Antalyaspor’s unbeaten streak of 16 matches in the Super League from last season, and 13 matches in the home field, ended with the first week.

Okan Buruk won his first official exam

Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk took his first official exam against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor at the head of the yellow-red team.

Buruk, one of the unforgettable players of the yellow-red team, left his first official match with 3 points after he was appointed as the coach. In his managerial career, Okan Buruk won 6 wins and 3 draws in 9 league matches against Antalyaspor, but did not lose.

Under the management of “Cimbom” Okan Buruk, he had 3 wins, two draws and defeats in 7 preparation matches before the season.

Also, new signings of Galatasaray, Haris Seferovic, Sergio Oliveira, Abdülkerim Bardakcı and Fredrik Midtsjö, wore the yellow-red jersey for the first time in an official match.

Gomis entered, scored his goal

Bafetimbi Gomis, who entered the game in the 89th minute in Galatasaray, aired the nets in the 90th minute.

Gomis, who was included in the game instead of Yunus Akgün in the 89th minute of the match, lifted the nets in the position where he first met the ball, and carried his team to a 1-0 advantage.

Gomis aired the nets for the 4th time in the 4th match against Antalyaspor in his Super League career.

Muslera stellar with his saves

The captain of Galatasaray, Fernando Muslera, made a great contribution to entering the half-time with goalless equality with his saves.

Experienced goalkeeper who did not let his opponent pass him in the position faced by Haji Wright in the 39th minute of the match, 45+3. In the second minute, he prevented the leather ball from going into the net with Luiz Adriano’s kick in the penalty he caused.

Continuing his good performance in the second half, Muslera intervened in time with Wright’s shot in the 55th minute.

Muslera did not allow a goal in the last 2 penalties against him in the Super League. The experienced goalkeeper saved Aleksandar Pesic’s penalty in the match against VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük last season.

Galatasaray were undefeated in the last 13 matches against Antalyaspor.

Galatasaray did not lose in the last 13 matches played against Antalyaspor in the league.

Antalyaspor, which managed to defeat the yellow-red team 4-2 in the second half of the 2015-2016 season, could not win in the league matches it played with its opponent in the next 7 seasons.

Galatasaray scored 28 goals in this process, with 9 wins and 4 draws. Antalyaspor, on the other hand, was able to air the nets 7 times in 13 matches that they were longing for victory.

Unbeaten in 7 matches in Antalya

Galatasaray did not lose their last 7 matches in Antalya with their opponent.

The yellow-red team, which was undefeated in the last 7 away matches with its opponent, got 4 wins and 3 draws in the said matches. The yellow-red team, who scored 10 goals in these competitions, could not prevent 6 goals in their castle.

“I met the victory in my first match”

Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk, “I met with the victory in my first match. I started with 3 points. Good luck.” said.

Buruk, at the press conference held after the match, said that the match was played in hot and humid weather in Antalya, and this situation affected the game and the players.

Stating that they played with the most successful team of the second half of the last year, Buruk said, “Antalyaspor was a team that did not lose a match for a long time. It is a difficult away game. Our squad is not complete, Antalyaspor is ready and came up with a full squad. We are just completing the squad. There were many negative things from the match. before. The efforts of the players to bring Galatasaray to the place it deserves, both in the camp and during the preparation process, were positive for us.” said.

Buruk explained that both teams produced positions that could win the match, “There were positions such as Antalyaspor missing a clear penalty, facing clearly, our ball returning from the pole. It was a 3-way match. We are very happy to be the winner of the match, which looks like it will go to a draw. I also congratulate Antalyaspor.” used the phrases.

“From the moment I signed for Galatasaray, I feel incredible excitement and happiness”

Reminding that he played his first game as a coach in Galatasaray, Buruk said:

“From the moment I signed for Galatasaray, I have been incredibly excited and happy. The fans’ interest and love for the team, both in the Austrian camp and here, was very good. I have a huge responsibility on me. I try to fulfill this responsibility by working day and night. We are all harmoniously fighting an incredible fight to get this badge and jersey to the place it deserves after the bad course of last year. We started well. I met the victory in my first match. I started with 3 points. Good luck. To increase our score to 6 with the match we will play at home We want to see the fans with us.”

Noting that the staff renewal work has been going on for a long time, Buruk said, “New players are coming. First of all, I have to say that our internal players are of high quality. They also work hard to serve this team. We try to go through good names and players who will directly contribute to the team. “It is very important for us. Two of our players have arrived. They will start with us. We will see the situation. We will see if he is ready to play the match. We are working on other positions. There is one more month for the transfer.” he said.

“I hope we can start the undefeated streak again”

Alfons Groenendijk, technical manager at Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, said: “We had a long streak of unbeaten. said.

Groenendijk, at the press conference held after the match, stated that it was a match with a high level of pleasure to watch.

Expressing that they miss playing in front of packed stands, Groenendijk noted that the weather conditions forced both teams.

Explaining that both teams had many chances to win in the match, Groenendijk said:

“After Galatasaray’s ball returned from the post, we missed the penalty, and we could not take advantage of the position facing the goalkeeper. Muslera kept his team in the match in the first half. If we look at the second half, Antalyaspor put up a good fight. If you come to the 85th minute, you should know how to keep the score. In the last minutes Gomis, who entered the game just a minute ago, scored a goal in his first meeting with the ball. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the opposite. We had a long unbeaten streak. We lost it. This is the point I regret the most. I trust the team. Again I hope we start our undefeated streak.”

Emphasizing that he is satisfied with the players but not satisfied with the score, Groenendijk said, “Haji and Adriano use the penalties in the team. Haji used Adriano with bad thinking in the penalty position. It wasn’t the best penalty shot I’ve ever seen. He studied Muslera beforehand and wanted to hit it like this, assuming he had a corner in the penalty shootout. “I’m not going to criticize that. Adriano is an important player of ours. He will get over it in a short time as he is a great player in terms of professionalism.” said.

“Did we play the exact game we wanted? No.”

President of Galatasaray Club Dursun Uzbek“I think there are still some areas where we need to reinforce. It’s a decision for the coaching staff to make,” he said. said.

In a statement to reporters after Galatasaray beat Fraport TAV Antalyaspor 1-0 in the first week of the league, Özbek wished for a good league without injury.

Stating that the league will end on the 100th anniversary of the republic, Özbek said, “It is worthy of the republic, we need to continue the league within the framework of the values ​​of our republic and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.” said.

Noting that the players did their best in a very hot weather in Antalya, Özbek said, “We started the league with a win. Did we play the game we wanted exactly? No. It’s the beginning of the season. Our preparations will continue. We have new players to make the team even stronger. Together we will give our fans the best days.” said.

Pointing out that with the start of the season, deficiencies in the team became clearer, Özbek said, “I think there are still some areas that we need to make reinforcements. This is a decision to be made by the technical staff. We will start working with them from next week. I wish a good league. I am waiting for Galatasaray. Good days in my life. “I am not tired of any service. It is a great honor to serve Galatasaray. We will do our best to bring Galatasaray to better days. This season is very important. 100th anniversary of the Republic. Galatasaray is the face of the republic.” he said.

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