Germany flew warplanes to Singapore in 24 hours for exercise

It was reported that a group of warplanes belonging to the German Air Force approached Singapore in the marathon, which started to reach Southeast Asia by covering 12 thousand kilometers in 24 hours.

Officials stated on Monday that the German Air Force will participate in the exercise for the first time in Australia, and announced that 6 Eurofighter fighter jets set off to perform a total flight of 22 thousand kilometers.

The exercise, which will be held at a time when tensions between China and the United States are rising due to Taiwan, demonstrates Germany’s capacity to quickly transport air power to the region.

During the long flight to Singapore, the planes were refueled in the air. The planes stopped for refueling, inspection and pilot rotation.

In a statement from the Air Force, it was reported that 2 Eurofighter fighter jets experienced technical problems during the stopover at a base close to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It was stated that one of the planes was repaired and the other was kept on hold due to a problem in the hydraulic system.

Operation test to be conducted in Australia

In the statement shared on the website of the German army, it was noted that 4 “A400M” type transports and 3 “A330” tanker aircraft accompanying 6 Eurofighter fighter jets departing from Germany will first arrive in Singapore within the scope of the “RapidPacific2022” exercise in 24 hours.

Emphasizing that the planes will be stationed in Australia to participate in two multinational exercises after Singapore, it was stated that the German Air Force will test the operation with partners inside and outside NATO here.

In the statement, it was shared that there will be an air exercise called “Pitch Black” and a naval exercise called “Kakadu” in Australia and that the German Air Force will take part in the exercises with 250 soldiers.

It was stated that German Eurofighter warplanes will participate in the exercise with the Singapore Air Force before returning to the country, and then a visit to Japan and South Korea is planned.

In September, the European Union announced a new strategy to strengthen its economic, political and military ties in the Indo-Pacific.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that although the war in Ukraine is now a priority, the Eurofighter mission in Asia has not been forgotten.

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