Gustavo Petro sworn in as President of Colombia

Petro took over the presidency from Ivan Duque after the President of the Congress of the Republic Roy Barreras presented him with the presidential belt at the ceremony held in the historic Bolivar Square and attended by 100,000 people.

Addressing the participants after his oath, Petro called on the armed groups to lay down their arms and said, “For peace to be possible in Colombia, we need to have dialogue, understand each other, find common ways and build changes.” used the phrase.

Stating that the necessary legal conditions will be met in return for laying down arms, Petro said, “We will work tirelessly to bring peace and tranquility to every corner of Colombia. This is the government of peace and it will be remembered as such. Social dialogue will prevail in all regions of the country.” said.

“Corruption will be fought decisively and effectively”

Emphasizing that one of his top priorities during his tenure will be zero tolerance for corruption, Petro said, “We will recover what was stolen, we will implement deterrent practices so that it does not happen again. We will fight corruption decisively and effectively.” he said.

Noting that no one is above the law and the law, Petro thanked his supporters and guests who attended the ceremony.

President Petro’s swearing-in ceremony was attended by the King of Spain Felipe VI, President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, President of Chile Gabriel Boric, President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso, President of Bolivia Luis Arce, President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader, President of Honduras Xiomara Castro. level officials.

It was reported that after the swearing-in ceremony, Petro will move to the presidential palace, Casa de Nario, to determine his new cabinet.

Who is Gustavo Petro?

Born on April 19, 1960, in the town of Cienaga de Oro, in the Cordoba administrative region in northern Colombia, Petro studied economics at the University of Javeriana, environment and population development at the Catholic University of Louvain, and business administration at the University of Salamanca.

Former left-wing militant Petro, at the age of 17, joined the April 19 movement, known as the “urban guerrilla movement,” or more commonly known as M-19, founded in the 1970s.

Petro is interpreted as dangerous by some, due to the bloody acts of the organization, which was very active between 1980 and 1985, in the country.

One of the former members of the M-19, which left arms by agreement with the government in 1990, Petro entered the Parliament for the first time in 1991 and served as the Mayor of Bogota between 2012 and 2015.

Petro was unsuccessful in the presidential election race he entered in 2010 and 2018 in Colombia, where he was a senator in 2006.

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