Harvest in pistachio orchards started with drums, zurna and halay

The first harvest period has begun for Pistachio, which is among the constant tastes of Turkish cuisine in almost every field from baklava to meals, from desserts to cookies.

With the warming of the weather in Gaziantep, one of the leading cities of pistachio production in Turkey, the workers made their way to the gardens.

The workers, who start work early in the morning, throw the pistachios they plucked from the branches into the tents they lay under the tree. Afterwards, the peanuts placed on the tractors are ready for consumption after cleaning, crushing and roasting.

Grey-eyed and green pistachio, which is harvested a month ago compared to normal pistachios, is used in baklava, chocolate, pastry desserts and meals.

Gardens are like a wedding venue

In order to increase the motivation of the farmers, there has been a wedding atmosphere in the gardens recently.

Some musicians, who tour the gardens accompanied by drums and zurna, give morale to the workers with local music and also provide a pleasant time. The musicians, who give music concerts for a while, get their share of the harvest given by the garden owner in bags as a fee.

The workers, from time to time, immersed themselves in the rhythm of the music and dancing halay is the scene of colorful scenes.

“This year has been very productive”

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mehmet Karayılan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that pistachios are grown in many countries of the world, but the best in terms of aroma is grown in Turkey.

Stating that the yield was good in pistachios last year, Karayılan said, “This year is also very productive. With irrigation in Gaziantep, the yield of pistachios has increased by around 35 percent. Much better yields are obtained when pruning and fertilizing are added to this.” said.

Expressing that the producer of gray pistachio is in a hurry to harvest, Karayılan continued as follows:

“Right now, the harvest of gray pistachios has begun. Pistachios need to be harvested on time. It should not be picked before it is full. This is very important for us. While harvesting, we should not harm next year’s bream. This year, the karagöz is very good, thank God. We will have a very good yield in pistachio next year. The trees are already showing themselves. Since the aroma in the gray pistachio is very high, this is usually used in baklava and it is very important for us. Later, the ‘red me’ harvest It is made. Peanut is used for snacks. The last dry red crustacean is harvested.”

Farmers satisfied with the yield

Farmer Hanifi Uğur said that gray pistachio is harvested in the first harvest of pistachio.

Expressing that gray pistachios are very valuable for them, Uğur said:

“Peanut harvest started 10 days ago and will take about 15 more days. We arrive at 5 am and work until evening. With a team of approximately 25 people, we collect 6 tons of products daily. This year the crop and the products are good. 1 month later ‘I am peanut’ We will start the harvest. The weather conditions are very hot, we work at 45-50 degrees. It takes 20 years for a tree to give full yield. There is really a lot of effort.”

The first product is mostly consumed in the domestic market.

Pistachio trader Mustafa Aslan also stated that gray pistachio is more precious and rarer than other pistachio species.

Explaining that a good pistachio can be understood from its color and smell, Aslan said, “The greener the pistachio is, the higher the quality. The better the yield and aroma of Barak Plain pistachio. The quality and flavor of the pistachio is evident from the scent and color of the pistachio. If it is yellow, the quality of baklava will decrease. The first product is consumed more in the country. Because it is used in baklava and chocolate. More than 50 percent of our second product is exported as dried nuts.”

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