How much income can be earned from which job abroad? Some examples from 38 OECD countries

Are you dreaming of a bright new life abroad by maintaining your current job, trade and social connections? You are definitely not alone.

The number of people who want to start a life in different countries with the way of working and living remotely, called ‘digital nomad’, is increasing day by day. So, would you like to know what you can earn with this kind of lifestyle in 38 different countries?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, officeless ‘digital nomadism’, which is now accepted all over the world, has become the most necessary and possible way for young people who are involved with technology to live their dreams, increase their opportunities and possibilities.

Many employees, especially in Europe and the USA, are considering quitting jobs that do not meet their needs or do not offer a good work-life balance and stepping into this type of life.

According to a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), 1 in 5 people who say they can change employers in the next 12 months will choose the ‘digital nomad’ life.

If you are one of them, some important income-expense calculator data may be useful for you.

Data produced by insurance company William Russell shows how average salaries for different jobs vary in 38 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The firm used data from Glassdoor to find the average salary for 36 different job roles in each OECD country and then converted those salaries into US dollars. Hourly wages were also converted to an annual salary based on a 37.5-hour work week.

How much do you earn as a digital nomad?

Accordingly, a web developer who wants to be established in Europe earns 43 thousand 757 dollars a year in France, 40 thousand 531 dollars in the Netherlands, while this figure rises to 88 thousand 496 dollars in Switzerland and 70 thousand 763 dollars in Denmark. In Greece, it decreases to 13 thousand 492 dollars and in Portugal to 15 thousand 557 dollars. .

While there isn’t enough data for every job in every country, the company also lists average salaries for a wide variety of occupations, including nurses, doctors, bartenders, graphic designers and accountants.

While salaries can vary considerably between countries, the same can be said for living costs.

Switzerland and Denmark are the top income earners, but both countries are among the top 10 most expensive countries to live in, according to the OECD’s cost of living index.

The top 5 countries with the highest cost of living are: Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Israel and Australia.

In addition, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, Poland and Hungary are listed as the 5 most affordable countries.

Jobs and typical salaries in some prominent OECD countries:

UX/UI (interface) designer

The highest average annual salary for a UX/UI designer in the United States is $105,000, according to the salary calculator. It is followed by Switzerland with 88 thousand 496 dollars. The lowest level of salary in this field is in Turkey with 6 thousand 217 dollars and in Colombia with 12 thousand 311 dollars. In other words, even the lowest country, which is only one step higher than Turkey, provides twice the income of Turkey.

Revenues in some other European countries:

top 5

  • Switzerland – $88,496
  • United Kingdom – $64,478
  • Germany – $58,782
  • Ireland – $52,076
  • Luxembourg – $51,648

last 5

  • Poland – $20,613
  • Hungary – $18,404
  • Portugal – 17 thousand 769 dollars
  • Greece – $16,731
  • Slovakia – $16,461


The US has the highest average salaries in the OECD at $151k, Canada $112,290 and Norway $110,668, while Turkey is among the lowest at $7,994, Mexico ($10,243 and the Czech Republic $14,853).

top 5

Norway – 110 thousand 668 dollars

Switzerland – 101 thousand 447 dollars

Italy – 93 thousand 152 dollars

Netherlands – $70,484

Ireland – $69,842

last 5

Greece – 35 thousand 347 dollars

Spain – 35 thousand 053 dollars

Slovakia – 23 thousand 126 dollars

Portugal – 21 thousand 615 dollars

Czech Republic – $14,853

Graphic designer

The highest average salaries for graphic designers are in Switzerland, at $85,258. It is followed by Lithuania with 58 thousand 467 dollars and Norway with 57 thousand 990 dollars, while Turkey ranks at the bottom with 4 thousand 441 dollars once again. The countries just above Turkey are Colombia with 6 thousand 155 dollars and Mexico with 6 thousand 829 dollars.

Here is the situation in Europe:

top 5

Switzerland – $85,258

Lithuania – $58,467

Norway – $57,990

Denmark – $56,248

Italy – $48,527

bottom 5

Slovenia – $15,759

Portugal – $12,049

Poland – 11 thousand 779 dollars

Greece – 11 thousand 725 dollars

Hungary – 11 thousand 314 dollars


The highest average salaries for accountants are again in Switzerland, at $118,714. On the other hand, this figure is 7 thousand 994 dollars in Turkey, Mexico (12 thousand 520 dollars and 14 thousand 126 dollars in Greece, which sees the lowest levels.

When we look at the situation in Europe once again, the table is as follows:

top 5

Switzerland – $118,714

Iceland – $83,219

Austria – $72,060

Netherlands – $69,570

Denmark – $68,949

bottom 5

Slovakia – $19,038

Portugal – $18,700

Hungary – $18,073

Poland – 17 thousand 668 dollars

Greece – 14 thousand 126 dollars

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