How to make dry-age Tomahawk steak, the indispensable taste of steak-houses, at home?

Dry-aged means that a meat is marinated by keeping it in the refrigerator at a certain temperature for 28 to 120 days. This week, we are talking about how to make meat more delicious with the “dry-age” method and the different cooking methods used by famous kebab and steak-house restaurants to make a perfect cutlet.

Mirco Beutler, a German-born chef in Dubai, is known for his dry-age meats. This is where the famous chef’s nickname comes from: “Dry-age Master”!

With more than 12 years of experience and 5-star service quality, German chef Beutler has recently opened “the world’s first dry-age meat store” in Dubai. In this butcher’s section, customers are offered first-class quality meat options, while training and guidance on meat selection and how to cook it are also provided to those who want it.

In this niche store, meat lovers like tomahawk, porterhouse and T-bone steaks are indispensable, while alternative options such as lamb, duck, deer and camel meat are also available.

What is the dry-age process?

Meats contain approximately 70 percent water. When the meat is juiced, it becomes softer and the flavor is more intense. Special refrigerators are used for this process. ‘Dry-ager’ refrigerators can cost up to 6000 euros. However, cheaper models are also available. Some refrigerators in homes even have special sections for dry-age.

These refrigerators keep the meat temperature between +1.5 degrees and +2 degrees. This is the ideal temperature range for the water and moisture in the meat to be discharged… In addition, the environment and humidity inside the refrigerator are kept constant in order to improve the aging process.

The moisture of the meat subjected to dry-age decreases after 14 days and becomes softer. In order for the meat to become even tastier, it must be kept for at least 14 more days.

How is meat aged at home?

If you are not as experienced as a butcher and want to avoid the cost of the refrigerator, you need some tips to dry-age at home.

Meat selection is very important in the dry aging method. The weight and length of the meat are among the most important factors affecting the dry-age period. For this reason, a non-fat meat should be preferred. The fatty layer will reduce the volume loss of the meat at the end of the dry-age process.

A special refrigerator can be purchased to dry-age at home, but this means an extra cost. However, if it is dry-aged in a normal refrigerator, the smell of meat may permeate other vegetables, fruits and food products in the refrigerator. This is not a pleasant situation. In addition, it will be easier to keep the temperature and humidity of the cabinet constant in a special refrigerator for dry age.

If you are going to dry-age in a normal refrigerator, place a small fan inside the cabinet to maintain the air flow. Then put the meat on a tray and place a wire rack under it. Thus, the water dripping from the meat will be collected in the tray. The meat is placed on the grill because the air flow must be the same throughout the meat. If there is any part of the meat that does not have airflow, that side will rot. Do all the work and leave your meat to “dry aging” on the shelf in your refrigerator.

After 28 days, take the meat out of the refrigerator and cut off the outer skin and fat layer that is in contact with the air. Then, if possible, cook your meat in a cast iron pan and high heat for a maximum of 4-5 minutes. Meat is just like cheese. The longer you dry it, the tastier it will be.

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