How will China and European countries achieve their zero carbon emission target?

While global warming threatens the whole world, experts say that the only way to combat this great crisis is to reduce carbon emissions to zero.

Ahead of COP26, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 31 October to 12 November 2021, euronews brought together experts from China and Europe for a discussion program on how to achieve the zero carbon emissions target.

According to Diana √úrge-Vorsatz, Professor of Environmental Sciences at the Central European University in Vienna, the answer is nothing but the zero-emissions target is efficient in tackling the climate crisis:

“We need to set a zero carbon emission target, and unfortunately there can be no compromises on that. If we want to maintain the stability of the climate, we need to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions. In the long run, if we want to survive, we have to stop using fossil fuels.”

Why is China showing its 2060 target for zero carbon?

Jianyu Zhang, Director of the BRI Institute for Green Development, answered the question, “Why are China talking about 2060, while many countries set the target for zero carbon by 2050?”

“In my opinion, China is taking a very practical and at the same time methodical approach to this because China is currently the largest developing country in the world. In fact, if you calculate it, you will see that the 2060 target is very bold”.

How will renewable energy be stored?

One of the biggest problems with renewable energy is the storage problem, and Ajay Gambhir, Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College London, made a different suggestion:

“In a few years we will be connecting our vehicles to the grid and the batteries in these cars will provide electricity to the grid. Some utilities are already using vehicle-to-grid conversion technologies. So our cars will be a kind of mini power plant that will feed the grid and act as storage.”

Diana √úrge-Vorsatz, emphasizing that the new structures are more ecological, said, “Today, for example, we know how to build and strengthen buildings to be basically power plants, so that these buildings produce more energy than they and their inhabitants consume. In this way, not with expensive high technology. “We can reduce energy consumption by 90 percent only with innovation,” he said.

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