I’m a gardening expert and this simple trick will mean you can always revive brown leaves on your houseplants

HOUSEPLANTS are hard to keep alive, particularly with the soaring temperatures of summer.

But they will quickly tell you if you’re doing a bad job with drooping stems and browning leaves.

There's no need to completely cut back browning leaves according to a pro


There’s no need to completely cut back browning leaves according to a proCredit: Getty

These signs don’t spell the end for your beloved greenery as the experts have a hack to pull them back to full health.

The leaves on your plants are far more likely to go brown in summer when they need more water to keep hydrated in the humid conditions.

Basically the issue arises when the water being lost from the plant through the day is more than is being absorbed through the roots.

If you have a fully brown leaf – prune it off and give the rest of the plant a chance to survive without the dead weight.

But one plant expert shared a genius hack for keeping browning (but not completely dead) leaves intact while encouraging them to grow back healthier than before.

TikToker user named Tanner Mitchell, explained that the best way to rescue your houseplant is to follow the “50 per cent rule”.

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He said: “I treat leaves like solar panels.

“If the leaf is not more than 50 per cent dead then I keep it.”

He then said that you can cut the brown bits away with a pair of scissors.

He said” “I still let the rest of the leaf, the healthy parts of the leaf, photosynthesise.”

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