I’m a home pro and always add a ball of foil to my dishwasher – once you’ve started you won’t go back

DO you want your glassware and homeware to be left sparkling after being washed?

A woman has revealed that adding a ball of foil to your dishwasher may be the trick.

TikTok user @maddykate01 revealed she always places a ball of foil in her dishwasher


TikTok user @maddykate01 revealed she always places a ball of foil in her dishwasherCredit: tiktok/@maddykate01
Adding the foil to her dishwasher leaves her glassware gleaming, Maddy claims


Adding the foil to her dishwasher leaves her glassware gleaming, Maddy claimsCredit: tiktok/@maddykate01

Although the hack may sound bizarre, numerous people have been doing it and sharing the results on TikTok.

User @maddykate01 said: “When you try out the TikTok dishwasher hack not expecting much.

“But that little ball of foil somehow manages to make all your glassware and silverware come out sparkling.”

Maddy showed her wine glasses and cutlery coming out of the dishwasher looking gleaming thanks to the trick.

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She added: “I was so sceptical.”

Her video has racked up 20,000 likes, and people were quick to comment.

One impressed person said: “I will try it.”

Another added: “Works everytime.”

However, one TikTok user wasn’t sure, and said: “This does nothing.”

Professional chef Erin Morley previously said she is also a big fan of the hack.

“I learned this in the restaurant business fifteen years ago and I do it every day, and I never thought to show you,” Morley explained to her TikTok followers.

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“All you do is take a piece of tin foil, roll it up in a ball, and put it in your silverware basket,” Morley explained.

She took a square of aluminium foil, wadded it into a ball, and lodged it firmly among her forks and spoons.

Then, just add your dish detergent, and “clean as you normally would,” Morley said.

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Chemical compounds in the dishwashing detergent react with the aluminium, creating a reaction that breaks down grime and grease but also battles the tarnish that dulls silverware over time.

In the comments section, Morley answered questions from viewers who were eager to try the hack.

“Use one per wash,” Morley reminded commenters. “But make sure to recycle.”

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