In 2023, no terrorist will remain in the countryside.

Soylu made evaluations on the agenda in the live broadcast of NTV and answered the questions.

Reminding him of the attacks on cemevis in Ankara, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to the cemevi, and being asked whether the Ministry of Interior has any regulation regarding cemevis, Soylu said that for years, the society has been trying to divide the society over discussions such as Sunni-Alevi, Turkish-Kurdish, secular-antilaic.

Stating that they met with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and appointed the deputy ministers, governors and district governors of the two ministries, Soylu said, “Our friends went to the cemevi in ​​1580-odd.” said.

Stating that about 8,740 requests were collected from cemevis and that they met 5,600 of them, Soylu stated that all requests will be met by the end of the year.

Minister Soylu said, “There is a regulation that is the subject of columns in the newspapers. Items are listed as ‘To cover the electricity and water expenses of the cemevis, to pay the Alevi grandfathers, to establish a relevant unit in the Directorate of Religious Affairs or the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’. Is there such a study?” Upon his question, he noted that the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Interior are working on what can be done in this regard.

Noting that citizens in Turkey today are not marginalized or discriminated while expressing themselves, Minister Soylu said, “We have a Kurdish governor, a Kurdish police chief, an Alevi district governor. We have a police chief whose father is a ‘grandfather’, we have an Armenian district governor, we have a Caferi governor. We have an Uzbek governor. We have a Turkish governor. We even had an Alevi governor until recently.” said.

Minister Soylu underlined that they evaluate people according to their merits, not their ethnic identities.

Syrian refugees

On another question, Minister Soylu, regarding the return of refugees to their countries, said, “We cannot be apart from our humanity, our neighbourhood, the oppression faced by those people, the processes that those people face. But won’t these people return to their home countries? Of course they will. But they will. Where can they turn now? Can they return to the regions where the PYD is active? Can they return to the regions currently bombed by the regime?” made its assessment.

“There is contact between Damascus and intelligence units. How would you evaluate the interpretation of a political contact as a break in the Syrian policy or a change in axis?” Soylu said, “It is not easy and early to make such an assessment before this issue comes to this point, without seeing who can approach at what level and what steps can be taken. Beyond that, we have responsibilities, our human responsibilities, our neighborhood responsibilities. We can’t push those people to death, we can’t leave them to die.” gave the answer.

Minister Soylu said, “When the intention of contact between Ankara and Damascus was revealed, some provocative events took place in northern Syria. How would you evaluate the risk that a similar situation could occur in Turkey if this process starts and progresses?” “We know that region like the back of our hand. We also know who is doing what, whose hand is in whose pocket, who is trying to carry out which provocative action. Both the MIT, the Police, the Gendarmerie and the Turkish Armed Forces have the highest level of knowledge in this area. ” replied.

Saying that the USA has helped the PKK/PYD 2 billion dollars in the last 3 years, Soylu said, “Will he leave it alone there? We will not be able to take steps to ensure that these people live comfortably in their own country, without setting up the project he has set his mind on, the game he has set his mind on. Will he allow it?” said.

Minister Soylu said that Turkey was at the strongest time in the history of the Republic in terms of security and said:

“We are in the best period when the Gendarmerie, Police and Coast Guard within the Turkish Armed Forces, MIT and the Ministry of Interior are together and in harmony, and everyone is focused on one place. That’s why they can go through some trials in Turkey from the past, but they can do what is necessary immediately. “Can they create a provocation from among the Syrians? Such a thing absolutely cannot happen.”

Soylu stated that according to their research, 70 percent of Syrian refugees stated that they wanted to return to their country.

Number of Syrian voters

Regarding the number of Syrian voters, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said, “The number of Syrian voters is currently 120 thousand. We have made 211 thousand citizens. Of these, 91 thousand, 92 thousand are children and underage. The rest are 120 thousand, 60-odd thousand men, 55-odd thousand women. until.” shared his knowledge.

Regarding the number of high-level terrorists neutralized in the country in the last year, Soylu said, “We neutralized 36 high-level terrorists in Turkey, one of them red (category).” used the phrases.

Regarding the fight against terrorism, Soylu said, “I want to tell our citizens that we are in the time period when the PKK received the strongest support, but we are in the time period when we destroyed and defeated it the most. I believe that on October 29, 2023, no terrorist will remain in the countryside. ” made its assessment.

“Green passports with a 5-year validity period, if any, should not change them”

Upon the question about the extension of passport waiting times, Soylu stated that there were some problems in the printing of green passports and that they were working on this issue.

Stating that they will start to produce a much more secure passport than today’s passport on August 25, Soylu said:

“But this month the other passport will continue, we will produce 70 thousand from this passport this month, we will produce 150 thousand next month, we will start full production in December. We will have a domestic passport. But the other passport will come in the same way as it will meet our needs. The green passport will also come from here. I say to those who applied for a green passport. We made an improvement there, maybe we made that improvement untimely, so it was 5 years, the duration of the green passport has increased to that 10 years. When it reaches 10 years, everyone wants to use the 10-year period of the green passport. Now, if there are those who have a 5-year green passport, Let them not change it, starting from tomorrow, we will make the improvement that will increase the time for them to 10 years.”

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